Digital Bolex Kish Lenses on Sale Starting 9/15

Those of you who tuned in to our UStream this morning got the first look at a number of big announcements from us that we’re very excited about: Setting a date for our Women Cinematographers Grant (applications open Sept 22) Offering the user manual for download next week via our website Distribution to retailers in Germany (and later Europe) via … Continue reading

Marilyn takes a photo as her Producer arrives

Guest Post: Jeff Gatesman, DP of PASSPORT

As a Director of Photography have creative meetings with the Director about the look of the film and how to best capture that look. I try to do as much camera/lens testing as possible, have more meetings, and finally come up with a camera package that fits the look of the film as well as the budget. Continue reading

Sample image from D16 on set.

Guest Post: Bert Kish, editor of Netflix’s HEMLOCK GROVE

In season 2 of HEMLOCK GROVE there was going to be a lot of dream sequences and I knew that the Digital Bolex was being made out of Toronto and I thought it might a good time to see what this camera could do and what it could offer the show. Continue reading