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Guest Post: Dillon Novak on Hope in a Hopeless World

Dillon Novak is the director of Rob Drabkin’s new music video Hope in a Hopeless World, which debuted Monday on Elmore Magazine. Watch the video here and learn how it was made. Continue reading


Black Friday News & Deals from Digital Bolex!

For this Black Friday, we’re happy to announce some big changes and big sales, and we know you’ll be as excited as we are! Continue reading


5th Annual No Budget Film Festival!

NBFF encourages filmmakers to embrace the creativity that comes from challenging yourself to create a story or piece of art utilizing the friends, family, locations, and props already around you every day. Continue reading


Guest Post: Daniel Zox

Earlier this year, Daniel and Andrew Zox shot an amazing music video that combines footage from the Digital Bolex D16 and a more expensive camera. The video premiered at the UN for International Day of the Girl on October 10th. Continue reading


Guest Post: Low Light Run n’ Gun Fun

Since the only lights we had were a 40-watt ECO bulb, my IPAD, and multicolored LED lights (half of them were broken), another anvil dropped. Mixed temperature lighting shelling you at all sides? Not a dream situation. Continue reading