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Guest Post: Low Light Run n’ Gun Fun

Okay, I’ll begin how I’ll end this post: D16? I’m sold. I’ve had the camera since April, yet I’ve only shot trivialities (mostly low light): fruit on a table; a buddy drinking a beer; my cats – lots of cat shots; my toddler wreaking havoc pretty much anywhere there’s space to discover, assess, and rip apart in a hummingbird’s blink; and my … Continue reading

Fig1.8_Sleeping with the Enemy

Guest Post: Normalizing the D16 Color Space

We’re going to do a number of blog posts on the topic of integrating D16 footage into your post workflow to break in the “Help Desk” coming soon to our website, which you can find above the navigation bar. Our first post is an in depth look at grading CinemaDNG files from the Digital Bolex to avoid some of the … Continue reading

Kish 38mm w-lens flare

Kish/Bolex Lens Comparison and M43 Tests

Since we announced our fixed aperture Kish/Bolex lenses two years ago, many people have had questions. Are they hard to light for? Are they really usable in different lighting environments? How do these lenses really hold up against the expensive professional lenses already on the market? We visited Hot Rod Cameras to find out. On Friday No Film School published … Continue reading


Women Cinematographers Grant Opens Applications!

As we announced on our monthly Ustream 2 weeks ago, we are super excited to begin accepting submissions for our Digital Bolex Grant for Women Cinematographers, presented by Hive Lighting today. Specifically, applications open at 11:59PM PST. Premiere-level sponsor Hot Rod Cameras will host also an informational session and kickoff party at their location in Hollywood in early October, so … Continue reading


Digital Bolex Kish Lenses on Sale Starting 9/15

Those of you who tuned in to our UStream this morning got the first look at a number of big announcements from us that we’re very excited about: Setting a date for our Women Cinematographers Grant (applications open Sept 23) Offering the user manual for download next week via our website Distribution to retailers in Germany (and later Europe) via … Continue reading