Post Begins

I am watching Elle and James, our editor, cut the movie, and it’s coming together very nicely.

I was a little nervous about doing color correction since this was the first time anyone outside of my crew saw the footage. Luckily, the colorist loved it! He said that if we hadn’t told him, he would have assumed the footage was from an Arri Alexa or a Red in 2K mode. The uncompressed footage really makes a huge difference.

A note on storage requirements: I purchased a 6TB Thunderbolt RAID to store all of the footage we shot for our 14 minute film!

The Final Scene

We finished shooting the film and it has been such a rush! Our last scene was set in a museum, but we used one of the board rooms of the Biltmore Hotel, which is where they shot Ghostbusters! The scene looked great. I think it is one of the best looking scenes in the film. We had about ten hours of shooting to do, but the actors were only available for six hours! Luckily, we got all of the shots, and I am very proud of what we made today.