Making One Small Step

Elle and Joe with the Digital camera prototype.
Elle and Joe with the Digital Bolex prototype.

Making One Small Step was quite an adventure. The prototype arrived on November 17th; our first day of shooting was November 29th. Between casting the film, table reads, Thanksgiving, and building an entire 1970’s apartment, we had to learn how to use the camera from the ground up.

Navigating a prototype was more difficult than we imagined and we had all sorts of problems: getting the camera to record at a stable frame rate, to record 12 bits images, rescuing the sole copy of the storyboards from the jaws of a hungry goat (It happened, I swear!).

We couldn’t have done it without the professionalism of our amazing cast and crew. Jordyn Lucas plays our protagonist, Destiny White, a twelve year-old in the midst of an existential crisis. Dawn Alden plays Destiny’s school teacher, Ms. Forster. Shanae Humphrey plays Destiny’s mother. The cast is rounded out by Jordan Wells, as Destiny’s school friend Myrna, and a group of excellent young actors as their classmates.