One Small Step at Cannes

We’re excited to announce that our short film One Small Step will be making its world premiere at the Short Film Corner at the 2012 Cannes film festival.

We think this is the perfect place to premiere the short as it allows industry professionals, fellow filmmakers, and anyone with accreditation to the festival the ability to watch the film “on demand” in a screening room or viewing station. I’ll be on hand for the first week of the festival to answer questions and meet up with anyone who wants to learn more about the camera or learn about the film.

While many of you have now watched the trailer and the BTS video for One Small Step, we haven’t spent a lot of time talking about the people who helped make the film a reality, so I wanted to introduce you all to the extremely talented cast of One Small Step:

Jordyn Lucas (Destiny White)

Jordyn did an amazing job as our lead character, Destiny White, bringing incredible energy, humor, and positive attitude to the set. She lent the perfect mix of gravitas and innocence to an at times heavy script, and delivered a fantastic performance, especially for such a young actor.

Bio: Jordyn Lucas, a native San Franciscan, has spent most of her life in front of the camera both as an actress and former Ford model. Jordyn has starred in projects for Nickelodeon, the California Department of Health, and numerous independent films and commercials. She also appeared in the San Francisco Opera’s productions of Porgy & Bess and Das Rheingold. Jordyn is represented by the Norwood Talent Agency in Los Angeles. Continue reading “One Small Step at Cannes” »

Adventures at NAB

We just got back from NAB2012 in Las Vegas, and we had an incredible time! Thanks to Steve Weiss from Zacuto we had a place to sit down at the Zacuto/Kessler booth and talk with a ton of directors, cinematographers, producers, product makers, professors, and innovators who are pushing digital filmmaking forward in really exciting ways.

I hate photos of myself, so you get photos of Joe instead! Here he is with the Zacuto EVF mounted on the D16 model.

We brought our CNC model to the floor and were able to fit it to a few rigs and accessories, like a Zacuto EVF. (The D16 will also work with the SmallHD EVFs and other monitors that use HDMI.) We’re trying to make the D16 as versatile as possible while still being ergonomic for the active shooter.

The coolest part of the trip was meeting so many people who sat and talked tech with us–giving us advice for accessories, offering help in design, and breaking down what the D16 can really offer filmmakers.

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The First Custom Lens

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to tell you about a little side project I have been working on for almost as long as I have been working on the Digital Bolex. It’s called the Mixer Lens. It is the first POV lens for food related shows. As you may know the cooking show industry saw a huge boom in 2009…

Food shows are whipping TV networks into a frenzy –

And we thought what is really missing here is the “Down the Barrel” shot of food as it’s being cooked. Introducing the first ever Mixer / Camera combination…

This setup is intended to be hand holdable like the D16, but we are in talks with Kitchen Aid to produce a base unit for this setup too. We believe this will really allow cooking shows to finally show their audiences the nuances of food mixing we all would like to see.
The lens would be a fixed focus, fixed aperture lens, consisting of only one moving part, the mixer. The mixer motor would be powered by the camera power supply, and have 5 different speed settings. And of course you can use crank on the side of the D16 to control it manually too!


We are excited to hear what you think of this idea, please leave comments below!


Thanks for reading,     Joe