The Future of Imaging & Bolex, Italian Style

Two quick news updates featuring the D16!

Digital Bolex, Italian Style

In July we had a visit from Italian journalist Chiara Basso who was doing a piece on how the American Dream was being realized in Los Angeles. She spoke with us for a number of hours about the genesis of the camera, and the two of us spent another hour or so discussing the lack of female faces in the camera community and some of the issues facing lady cinematographers.

Chiara ended up featuring us in her piece GRANDE FILM, POCHI SOLDI (“Great Film, Small Price”) for Italian newspaper Il Secolo. We don’t have a translated version of the article available to post, but Italian speakers can check out the original here:

The Future of Imaging

Ned Soltz of Digital Video Magazine wrote a really interesting new article published in the August 2012 edition called The Future of Imaging: Considering Camera Resolutions and Revolutions discussing the different “revolutionary” cameras on the market. Take a gander if you’re interested on a great breakdown of the pros and cons of what’s out there!

Of course, the truth of the article comes in its lede:

“In the future, we will be shooting whatever format of camera, codec and media best suits the job we are doing. I think it is safe to say that the future will be about expanded choices.”