Weekly UStream Check-in!

Hey everyone! We’ve been trying to figure out the best way to keep in contact with everyone online, as not everyone gets a chance to read every forum, Twitter, or Kickstarter update. So we’ve decided to start a weekly UStream chat every Monday so people can ask us questions, see what we’re up to, and offer advice. Our first chat will be this coming Monday, October 29th, and we’ll go live at 11am PST here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/digitalbolex

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October Camera Update

Hi everyone!

I just got back from Toronto, and I have a lot to report.

First off, on the fun side, we had Digital Bolex Class Picture day, so you could start to get to know the rest of the team in Toronto. We’ll be updating our “History” page soon to be an “About Us” page, and provide more info about everyone who’s working on the project. Exciting!

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BPK Trailer, new digs

As you may have seen if you follow us on Twitter (hint hint) some lovely gentlemen from Bruce Parker Kent in New York came to visit a few weeks ago and shoot some interviews with us on the Ikonoskop. They’ve just posted a trailer for their piece that we wanted to share with you guys. Look at that Kodak sensor in action!

You might notice that the setting of this piece is a little different from the normal Chroma Key Green you’re used to. That’s because the gents from BPK were the very first visitors to our new LA office. While we are big fans of collaborative working environments like the one we worked out of for over a year, we finally agreed that it was time to have a place of our own. (And also a fridge.)

Online Premiere: ONE SMALL STEP

ONE SMALL STEP is now online!

With the LA premiere of ONE SMALL STEP this past Saturday, we realized it’s finally time to post the film up for everyone to see. So here it is, the online premiere of Digital Bolex’s first film! Let us know what you think here or on vimeo, and share with friends. We really appreciate it!


On Saturday we held the LA Premiere for ONE SMALL STEP at a fun event co-sponsored by Movement Park.

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