The San Antonio Film Festival

Last week Elle and I spent a few days down in Texas for the 19th annual San Antonio Film Festival. We were invited to speak on a panel and show the camera, and we jumped at the chance to connect directly with local filmmakers. It was a hot couple of days, but luckily the theaters were air-conditioned and kept us glued to our seats enjoying independent cinema!


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Seed & Spark and True Bravery

Who do you think the bravest person in the film business is?


Stunt people and helicopter pilots are definitely among the bravest. As a DP / camera op I have hung off of 2 story tall scaffolding and ridden on motor vehicles in unsafe ways, but I think the bravest people in the industry are those who risk their livelihood and reputations building something new and unique to help filmmakers. You may think I am self-aggrandizing, but I’m not. The person I’m talking about is Emily Best, CEO and founder of Seed & Spark.

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The Art of Camera Resolution: It’s All in the Details

If you haven’t participated in our forum yet, it’s a great place for very in-depth discussions of camera technology, the future of the D16, and other topics relating to camera gear and development. Sometimes the discussions we have there are better suited for a blog post, so when a member recently asked this question, I thought I’d explain it here.

With 4K on the way, is the D16 still the long term camera solution for independent film makers you pictured it to be when you were first designing it?

We think the D16 is a long-term camera, and this is why:

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D16 Audio Tests

When I was up in Canada recently, we began testing the hardware for the D16 audio. The firmware is still in progress, so there were some limitations to the testing I could do. But I brought a lot of audio equipment with me from LA, so I was prepared for whatever we had.


There is no quiet room in the office during work hours; the place is abuzz with conversation and equipment. So in order to do these tests, Constantine, our engineer creating the audio firmware, Mike, our CTO, and I stayed late one night after everyone else had left. We shut all the doors, turned off the air conditioner, and tried to make the office as silent as we could. Continue reading “D16 Audio Tests” »