Know Your Market!

So, recently the guys over at No Film School were nice enough to make our 4K or not 4K post a “Guest Post” on their site. There was a lot of great feedback and discussion generated in the comments. However, one topic really stuck out.

A lot of commenters didn’t quite seem to understand the importance of market acceptance, and why it really matters when discussing 4K and independent film.

Many independent filmmakers roll their eyes at the advice that they should be planning the distribution strategy of their film before they start writing their script.  Planning seems disingenuous; somehow disrespectful to the art they’re about to spend a lot of time, money, and emotion bringing to life. But for those artists who want to be career filmmakers, filmmaking is a business as much as it is an art.

As we’ve said before, one of the trade-offs of accessibility to modern distribution channels like the Internet and lower-cost production equipment is that there is more content to choose from than ever before, and an audience with more venues to find content than ever before, and for a filmmaker to make themselves noticed and make a living in this environment, a filmmaker must also be a business person. And for a business person, understanding the lifespan of a project before you begin is simply common sense.

There is an often-repeated “golden rule” in local business: location, location, location. We believe that there is a golden rule for independent film too: know your market!


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To 4K or not to 4K…

There’s a particular discussion that has come up again and again on our forum that we’ve now noticed cropping up in reactions to the footage we posted last week. So I decided to open it up here for a more public debate.

can_of_worms.gif CAN OF WORMS

I know that this discussion is a heated one, and there is no correct opinion. The intention of this post is to tell you about the decisions we have made when designing our camera and about how we arrived at those decisions.

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The D16 in the Wild

On Friday morning, Team Bolex was waiting with bated breath for a special delivery from Canada. The package had landed in Memphis at 1:43 am, and when I got up around 8am FedEx’s website said it had arrived at the warehouse, less than 2 miles from my house. Around 1:30 someone knocked on the door, and it was here. After a month of waiting, our first working camera had arrived in Los Angeles.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 1.04.49 AM

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