Guest Post: 5secondfilms

Timothy Ciancio is a member of, a comedy group that has released more than a thousand short films online–each no more than 5 seconds long. Their films have played at the HollyShorts Film Festival, SXSW, and other events around the globe. You can view their work at and check out a brand new 5sf at the end of the post.



Each Sunday for the last 5 years a small troupe of Los Angeles comedian filmmakers and friends meet to collaborate, and create a short film with a runtime of 5 seconds. Trying to fit a simple joke or elaborate story within 120 frames is no easy task, nor is coming up with a new concept unlike any idea the week before. I’ve worked with the troupe for about 4 years now writing, directing, and editing these shorts and have learned that time is precious and production workflow must be quick to produce a film each weekday without fail.

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