Guest Post: Low Light Run n’ Gun Fun

Okay, I’ll begin how I’ll end this post:

D16? I’m sold.

I’ve had the camera since April, yet I’ve only shot trivialities (mostly low light): fruit on a table; a buddy drinking a beer; my cats – lots of cat shots; my toddler wreaking havoc pretty much anywhere there’s space to discover, assess, and rip apart in a hummingbird’s blink; and my wife’s vociferous proteststo put down the camera  and block the lil’ demon’s pathway of destruction:


Pictured: lil demon (200 ISO Switar 10mm F2.0 @7:15pm Daylight Balance)

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Guest Post: Normalizing the D16 Color Space

We’re going to do a number of blog posts on the topic of integrating D16 footage into your post workflow to break in the “Help Desk” coming soon to our website, which you can find above the navigation bar.

Our first post is an in depth look at grading CinemaDNG files from the Digital Bolex to avoid some of the color space issues users have encountered. The post, based on a paper called “Grading beautiful film-like skin tones and images with the Digital Bolex D16 using proper color grading techniques,” is authored by our forum users Kurt Lancaster, James Fleming, and Eddie Barton. Continue reading “Guest Post: Normalizing the D16 Color Space” »