Post NAB Updates: Firmware & Lenses

NAB was a whirlwind this year. With 10 cameras on the show floor in 9 different booths, there were a ton of configurations to see, from Matthews’ car mount to Ikan and Wooden Camera’s shoulder rigs, to the Syrp Genie. We’re excited to announce that the winner of our NAB Photo Contest was Kickstarter backer Marsio Juwono, who will be receiving a second camera. Thanks to everyone who entered, and you can check out all the entrants’ photos on Facebook!

Now that we’ve had a few days to recover from NAB, we know everyone is curious about the status of the lenses and new firmware update. Continue reading “Post NAB Updates: Firmware & Lenses” »

NABShow: Digital Bolex announces partnership with Røde

20150326 Rhode DB Shoot 011

Digital Bolex is happy to announce a new partnership with Røde microphones to deliver quality audio accessories to new D16 buyers and existing customers through our online store.

Røde’s professional audio devices make the most of the D16’s advanced audio recording capability, and capture the highest sound quality to match the D16’s uncompressed raw footage. Røde mics and mounts fit perfectly with the D16’s ergonomic body shape, enabling the use of pro audio equipment in both a stripped-down, run and gun configuration or a professionally rigged tripod setup. Continue reading “NABShow: Digital Bolex announces partnership with Røde” »

NABShow: What camera moves you?

To celebrate the unique CCD sensor and native global shutter of the D16, we are excited to unveil two new video pieces focusing on the important of accurate motion, The Dancer and the D16 and What Camera Moves You?

Even high-end CMOS cameras often have trouble delivering smooth, reliably timed movement, free of choppy action, smeary motion blur, and of course jello and rolling shutter problems. As a CCD camera, the D16 is free of these issues, and its true 24fps captures motion with the fidelity and accuracy of a traditional film camera. Continue reading “NABShow: What camera moves you?” »

NABShow: Digital Bolex reveals first European retail locations

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Digital Bolex is excited to finally announce the availability of the D16 camera locally in Europe. Since the camera was announced in 2012, there has been extremely high demand from filmmakers across Europe and the rest of the world, and we’re excited to provide local service to our customers outside of North America for the first time through three excellent camera retailers in the EU:

For European visitors to NAB2015, a Digital Bolex monochrome camera will be on display at the MC Manios booth, #C9039 in the Central Hall. For up to date listings of where our products are available to purchase or rent, please check out our Rentals & Resellers page. If you are interested in becoming a reseller or distributor, please contact us.