Videos of the Week: Spike Lee + Andra Day, Cahoots, and more!

In our second edition of Videos of the week, we look at four great new projects shot on Digital Bolex, CAHOOTS, by Jordan Chesney, a micro short narrative with fiery complications, the wedding of Tiffany and Catherine, beautifully documented by KS backer Kenny Frerich, a Pepsi ad shot in Mauritius, and Spike Lee’s brand new video for YouTube sensation Andra Day’s new single Forever Mine!

Forever Mine – Andra Day

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Cinegear 2015: Digital Bolex Showcase projected in 2K!

cinegear-announcement-graphicDigital Bolex is teaming up with Slamdance to present an exciting showcase of films shot on Digital Bolex’s D16 cinema camera. The D16, a digital Super16mm camera designed for filmmakers by filmmakers, is renowned among indie and pro filmmakers for its film-like images that hold up on the big screen, and Cinegear 2015 will mark the first time Digital Bolex footage has been screened in native 2K resolution in Los Angeles, on the Lansing Theater’s world-class Christie projector.

The program runs approximately 70 minutes followed by a Q&A with attending filmmakers and a reception in the theater lobby. Doors open at 8:15 PM, and the show starts at 8:30PM. Guests already registered for a Cinegear badge may RSVP for the screening in advance via or on Facebook to ensure a seat. Additional seats will be made available the day of the screening on a first-come basis.

A Cinegear badge is required for access to the Paramount Lot. Badges may be reserved free of charge through May 30th online.

Digital Bolex is Official Sponsor of 2015 Brooklyn Film Festival

Digital Bolex is happy to be awarding a D16 camera to the Best Cinematography winner of this year’s Brooklyn Film Festival, which announced the lineup for its 2015 edition yesterday.

Founded in 1998, the Brooklyn Film Festival is New York City’s preeminent film festival for independent voices, serving the NYC indie filmmaking community for 18 years. This year’s festival takes place from May 29th to June 7th, and a Digital Bolex camera will be awarded at the the Awards Ceremony on June 7th.

In 2014, BFF was the first film festival to screen a film shot on D16, Kickstarter backer Peter Haas’ short documentary Peter Pan Bakery.


Cannes 2015: D16 films at the Court Métrage

For those of you attending the Cannes Film Festival this year, we’re excited to share that a number of films shot on the D16 are official selections of the Court Métrage (Short Film Corner) this year. Digital Bolex loves the Short Film Corner; it’s where our proof-of-concept short ONE SMALL STEP premiered in 2012. You can see each of these films by visiting the Short Film Corner in the lower level of the Palais through the duration of the Festival.

DP Lori Dinsmore shoots CATATONICO on location in Brazil.

DP Lori Dinsmore shoots CATATONICO on location in Brazil.

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Digital Bolex Sponsoring CCLISFF 2015 + Enter now!

Digital Bolex has always been a huge fan of the skate community, and as a well-balanced, global shutter camera designed for handheld cinematographer, the D16 is the perfect camera for skate cinematography. So we’re psyched to announce that we’re partnering with this year’s Los Angeles-based CCLISFF to award the festival’s winner with a Digital Bolex camera.

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Videos of the Week: Two hot music videos, Coca Cola + more!

We’re launching a new feature this May focusing on the most interesting films shot on Digital Bolex that premiere each week. To kick off this new column, here are two very stylish and fun new music videos for artists Natalita and Falsa Fortuna, a new Coca Cola commercial, PLUS a bonus film from last week from the prolific duo Holomax!

Por La Mañana by Falsa Fortuna

Director Xavier García
Cinematographer David Roma

García had this to say about shooting on the D16:

On the occasion of the launch of the first EP from the band Falsa Fortuna, we made their first single video “Por la Mañana”, we used the Digital Bolex  with the intention of getting this vintage film texture, the result pleased the girls a lot and  us. we think use this camera is an excellent choice to get a different plastic texture, far from what you can get with any DSLR.

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Kish Lens Update: A Visit to China

Manufacturing products in China can be tricky business, and creating our own lenses for the first time has been hugely educational process that has been both equal parts rewarding and frustrating. As those of you who follow our blog know, while we were able to clear up all outstanding issues with our 10mm and 38mm lenses a few weeks ago, after several test batches we were still having trouble with the back focus on our 18mm, and needed to shake things up.

We decided the best way to know what was going on was for me to go see for myself. So I spent an afternoon with our lens designer to understand exactly how he tests the lenses, packed a bag, and took off for Asia.

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