Low light? No problem: Marc Wilkins talks Amare

Marc Wilkins is Swiss a commercial director working in New York and Europe. He previously directed a suite of 10 commercials for Coca Cola’s Copa Coca Cola with the D16 as A-cam and Alexa as B-cam, and recently directed the music video for Adele Jacques’ AMARE using the D16M in extreme low-light conditions.

Marc directs Adele Jacques music video AMARE in downtown Los Angeles.

In November 2014, cinematographer Burak Turan, who I’ve had a long creative relationship with, introduced me to the D16. After we shot the Copa Coca Cola 2015 campaign with the camera, very successfully, the D16 had my attention.

I became curious about the monochrome cameras since I am developing a feature, a French-German-Polish-Co-Production, ROSTOCK PARIS, which will be black and white. Continue reading “Low light? No problem: Marc Wilkins talks Amare” »

Cinegear 2015: Digital Bolex to provide path to distribution for projects shot on D16

We’ve always said that selling a camera is only the beginning of our relationships with our Digital Bolex customers—we are committed to providing screening, learning, and shooting opportunities for those choosing to use our tools, and leveraging the power of our huge and overwhelmingly positive community to give independent filmmakers a voice and an audience for their work. Our partnership with Slamdance for the 2015 festival represented the first step in this process; partnering with an Academy-qualifying festival that champions true independent filmmakers and gave our filmmakers the chance to show their work on the big screen. Many of our Slamdance premiering films have gone on to play film festivals internationally. Our women cinematographers grant presented by Hive Lighting, with support from Zacuto, Hot Rod Cameras, and Switronix, has already resulted in more than five projects being completed since its debut in March, and gives access to equipment to those with few resources to tell their stories. Continue reading “Cinegear 2015: Digital Bolex to provide path to distribution for projects shot on D16” »

Cinegear 2015: New Products from Digital Bolex

In addition to the brand new MFT mount and Kish lenses both on display at the show, all shipping now, Digital Bolex is excited to unveil four brand new accessories at Cinegear just in time for summer. And to celebrate, we’re offering big discounts on all new items through the show, and a few of our old favorites!

20150406 Hood V2 18a Continue reading “Cinegear 2015: New Products from Digital Bolex” »