Firmware 1.5 “Elf” Released, includes new Bolex Log color space


We’re excited to announce the release of “Elf,” the latest firmware for Digital Bolex. Focusing mostly on image-correction and fine tuning, the update also includes a false color mode to show peaks in highlights and shadows. This version may be compatible with HDMI recorders, however further testing is necessary.

Full list of features:

  • Display color gamuts
  • Display gammas
  • Accurate display color tuning
  • False color exposure view mode
  • Improvements to image encoding
  • Improvements to ISO accuracy

Bolex Log and Wide Gamut RGB are optimized to retain the most color and lightness information possible from the D16 without jeopardizing the D16’s natural mojo. This makes the camera easier to intercut with others, as well as gives a defined starting point for your grade. Additionally, there is Bolex Gamma. Bolex Gamma is a classical film s-curve. It provides decent contrast giving weight to the image while still allowing the image to be malleable in post-production.

The functionality of ISO has also changed. Switching the ISO now shifts the dynamic range of the D16 around the middle gray point. In raw at 800 ISO, Bolex Log can retain up to 6 stops of dynamic range above middle gray and 6+ stops below. Reducing ISO lowers your highlight range, but increases your shadow range and reduces the appearance of noise.

*Bolex Gamma has a middle gray point of 412/1023

Download Elf here. Read about the new Bolex Log Color Gamut here.