144 frames of grade-a, raw motion!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! We had a very special delivery in LA on Friday, so we were busy over in Digital Bolex land. Here’s a little preview of what we were up to. A six second, 24FPS present from us to you to get the week moving!

download sequence

download sequence

More coming later in the week as we upload more .cinemadng files & video. Stay tuned…

Elle and Joe

89 thoughts on “144 frames of grade-a, raw motion!

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  3. im very glad! im hoping to see more footage, maybe get some first time shooter reactions as well. all and all, like im sure as so many others, i just want get my hands on and play.

  4. man i hate being late to the game, but we can download the footage and do our own grading? i just heard about this camera a few weeks ago, and after looking at the blackmagic and the ikonoskop (sigh) i think i have found myself a winner! i just really really really wanna get my hands on anything i can. great work guys! im sold!

    • That DNG QT thing sounds amazing!
      I wanna try it, but is it part of the MXF package?
      And it seems kinda pricey.
      Does it allow you to adjust colors when you import?
      Or just kind of give you what ever the camera settings are?

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  6. Congratulations…you guys must be walking on air. With the design of the camera, you really can’t go wrong. Looks like I’ll have to buy new software because my latest Final Cut Pro is version 7. Does Final Cut X handle Cinema DNG files? The Cliphouse beta crashes on my system, so I’m just looking at the very nice, though compressed, Vimeo grades.

    • Hi Dentino,
      Thanks! We are pretty happy ๐Ÿ™‚
      As far as I know there is no version of FCP or any other editing software that natively handles CDNG files.

      They have to be transcoded from the raw to be edited.

      Yes Cliphouse beta, is still well, beta, so I used RPP.
      Are you on a Mac or PC?

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  8. Joe, have you conducted any scientific tests to determine the current DR of the working prototype? I know we’re shooting for 12 stops, and according to one of your recents UStream chats, possibly more? Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No scientific tests yet, the model we got used old hardware and we know it isn’t performing up to our standards. The next camera we get should be with the new hardware and more scientific style tests can be done.

  9. Transcoding test with one of the sequences. It delivers fine results, but there seem to be some magenta issues in the clipped higlights of the other sequence. The footage looked very underexposed in my software. I had to gain very much.
    Good to see the first frames in motion. Congratulations to the team.

    • We are looking into magenta issues now.
      The “under exposure” is a conscious choice.
      We are rating middle gray a bit lower on this camera to “protect” highlights.
      Your software doesn’t know that yet though because the metadata isn’t correct yet.
      When it is it will show middle grey correctly.

  10. Hello,

    I’ve been following you for some time and Iยดm so looking forward to this camera! I hope it’s available for international purchase soon. I have a question thought. So far the footage/stills I’ve seen from the camera are awesome, however, this last clip seems to be very pixelated to me, very blurry. Is that going to be the final quality or is it the compression effect?


    • There is no compression on this footage, I assume you mean the shot of Elle.
      The shot has a lot of motion blur, she is moving the whole time basically. We picked this clip to show what the motion from the camera looks like.
      This is a global shutter camera, so when something moves you see a blurred image.
      VS a rolling shutter image that doesn’t blur moving images as much, but bends them.
      In my opinion global shutter / blurred image is highly preferable to rolling shutter / bending image.
      What do you think?

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  12. Youโ€™re welcome Joe. Hereโ€™s another one: https://vimeo.com/72257580
    Btw. I havenโ€™t used any secondary correction in either this or the other example. As expected you really can tweak the material around.

    Has a decision been made regarding Color Temperature Setting within the camera? Will there be Kelvin settings available? Iโ€™ve asked this in the forums a while back and no one really answered it/ got back to me. Everyone just kept saying โ€“ itโ€™s raw โ€“ which is nice and fine but โ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I think the camera will just assume you are shooting daylight balance, and anything else will be adjusted in post. At least for right now. If people using the camera find that to be problematic, I’m sure a firmware update to add color settings to the metadata is possible.

      We are also working with Pomfort to create an Auto-color the way that RPP works, which seems to work really well in 99% of the circumstances.

      Thanks again for your grades!

  13. Nice, great to see, footage looks wonderful. Rooting for you guys big time, look forward to adding this tool to the tool chest. Congrats with more to come

    • Yves! Your grade looks AWESOME!

      The footage is very sharp! We are really thrilled with how this looks 1:1.

      And yes they have been making improvements on noise and DR the whole time! We hope to see even a little more improvement, especially on the DR side.

      Thanks for your very nice grade ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Wow! This is just awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of those camera. Although i noticed quite a few burned pixel in Shot 5 when cranking the levels up. Any thoughts on that?

    • Hey Frank,
      When you say “burned pixel” you mean dead pixels?
      Cause in that case yes, the camera we got is an early model that they have been building on since December.
      It has many many physical flaws that the production cameras will not.
      I have a much longer blog post coming on Wednesday, but didn’t want to wait to show you guys some footage ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Also, what a demanding first test! The highlights of the material are tough to get.

    After playing around with it and bumping up the darks and being surprised to how much information was in them– the word “Wow,” literally came out of my mouth. Do you think that this might be a bit over exposed? I am wondering is the highlights are blown out?

    Over all I am loving it though, let me pre-order it already!

    • Yes it is definitely a tough test, as you’ll see when we post more footage from this, we were literally shooting into mirrors ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I was exposing for skin tones, and not trying to control the highlights too much.

      And we’ll get on that pre-order very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Have to wait until I get home to download. Really been looking forward to this for a long time. The still grabs above look marvelous, especially the second one. Can’t wait to play!

    Thanks Joe & Elle.

  17. Downloaded and did a quick grade. Very lovely, especially Scene 11, and exciting to see the fruits of your labor materialize!

    By the way, which lens did you use?

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