The Digital Bolex Cinema Camera: Modernizing History

The D16 combines legendary Bolex quality with the best in digital technology to bring you unrivaled image quality for its class. The D16 captures and preserves image detail with stunning accuracy that gives your footage an organic look, and the camera body is designed to fit comfortably in your hands–emulating the feel of a traditional 16mm film camera, while still offering all of the shooting positions and mounting options of a professional digital cinema camera.

Download the specs as a PDF file.


Easy to use

The form factor of the D16 is sleek and simple, perfect for a first time user or seasoned filmmaker. With easy to access buttons and an intuitive menu, using the D16 is a breeze.


The D16 is lightweight and easy to hold with a well-balanced body that keeps the camera stable while being hand held. The camera comes with a removable molded aluminum pistol grip that gives you the ability to record simply by pressing the trigger.

Removing the pistol grip gives you the option of using 2 standard quarter twenty mounts to attach the camera to a rig or tripod.

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The pistol grip features a standard tripod mount to use for adding a wrist strap or accessory to add further stability and weight to the camera.

You can also use the cold shoes located on the top and left side of the camera to mount an EVF, portable light, microphone, or eyepiece in a comfortable, natural to use position.




The D16 uses standard CF cards as a storage medium, familiar to those who use DSLR cameras. The D16 is also equipped with a top-of-the-line Enterprise Class SSD drive to protect the integrity of your footage and the flexibility to record directly to the camera.

When the camera is powered off, connect the camera to your computer via USB to access the footage on your camera just as you would read files from any external hard drive.



Legacy Lenses

The D16 comes with a default C-mount, just like the original Bolex 16mm film cameras, giving you the ability to use a host of vintage 16mm and Super 16mm glass that fits the image size of the sensor perfectly. No need to worry about cropping or vignetting as with other digital cameras.



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Versatile On Set

With its interchangeable Synonymous mount system, the D16 allows multiple professional mount systems to be used with one camera. Easy to swap out on set or in the studio, the Synonymous mount system allows you the freedom of using an enormous variety of lenses, from Canon EF or Panasonic M43 consumer lenses to Arri PL primes, or the earliest C-mounts from the 1930’s.



The D16 is designed for the modern shooter, and is compatible with state of the art digital cinema tripods, follow focuses, EVFs, matte boxes, and other popular accessories from brands like Zacuto, Switonix, Small HD, Manfrotto, and many more.


D16 Portrait Day 1

Flexible In Post

With a native RAW CinemaDNG recording format that captures 12 stops of dynamic range in 12-bit color, Digital Bolex footage couldn’t be more pliable in post. RAW footage allows you to change exposure, color balance, sharpness, and contrast, without damaging the image or creating the artifacts you get with compressed footage.

Attention to Detail

Shooting in RAW means that details are present in all areas of your footage that would be removed or “clipped” on a camera shooting compressed video. Bring up dark shots to see into your shadows, or pull back bright clips to see details in the highlights.

Fast, Simple Transcoding

Using the state-of-the-art LightPost software created by Pomfort for Mac OS X, transcoding RAW footage to video files has never been easier and faster. Simply set your look, choose your export location and file type, and within a short time your footage will be ready to upload to YouTube or Vimeo with their preferred file settings, or to send to an editor who needs to work with a ProRes file. Our resource-light software can perform efficiently even on older generation Apple computers if they run Mac OS X 10.6 and higher.