NABShow: What camera moves you?

To celebrate the unique CCD sensor and native global shutter of the D16, we are excited to unveil two new video pieces focusing on the important of accurate motion, The Dancer and the D16 and What Camera Moves You?

Even high-end CMOS cameras often have trouble delivering smooth, reliably timed movement, free of choppy action, smeary motion blur, and of course jello and rolling shutter problems. As a CCD camera, the D16 is free of these issues, and its true 24fps captures motion with the fidelity and accuracy of a traditional film camera. Continue reading “NABShow: What camera moves you?” »

Kish/Bolex Lenses on Sale Today

Those of you who have followed our progress since Kickstarter know that as soon as our campaign ended, we surveyed all of our backers to ask what accessories they were most interested in, and overwhelmingly the winner was lenses.

After 2 years in development, our Digital Bolex/Kish Optics Series 1 Primes are now available to order through our online store.

IMG_0073 Continue reading “Kish/Bolex Lenses on Sale Today” »

Vimeo Videos

Hey guys, thank you so much for your support! We can’t believe we’re over $250,000 on Kickstarter.

Just wanted to post quickly about the Vimeo issue: We didn’t realize that Vimeo was not allowing viewers to see the full HD video. We just upgraded to a pro account, so we will be re-uploading those videos as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience.

Elle and Joe

EDIT: “Storybook” and the One Small Step Trailer have been reuploaded in 1080, and should be viewable in fullscreen now! The other vids will be coming shortly.


Color Grading

Here’s a quick example of color grading from our Storybook spot. Having spent so much time working with DSLRs, I almost can’t believe my eyes with how little the image has been degraded, even with a ton of Photoshop adjustments!

There are a few highlight blowouts, it’s true–we think that might be related to a kink with how the prototype captures when hooked directly to the computer, which is how we’ve shot most of our projects so far. We’ve also found that with highlights, the blue channel often retains full color information, so the information can be cloned & resurrected in the other channels, if necessary.