Macro Photography on the D16

Macro photography is awesome because it allows you to see everyday objects in a fresh way. Our team feels similarly about the D16–that when you review footage from our camera, you see footage differently than you would view video; there is a quality to the image that makes you see the images in a new light.

So it made perfect sense to throw some macro lenses on the D16 and capture some fresh perspectives in a new way. But always with a bit of vintage flair, of course!

The following piece was shot with a series of different macro lenses and regular lenses on extension tubes. All of the lenses were set on F5.6 or F4 / 5.6 split to try and regulate the light / depth of field a little bit. The intention was to find macro lenses that would lend a narrative feel to 3 inch tall characters.

After shooting many tests across a few days, here’s our finished piece! We’re really proud of this one and we hope you enjoy it and share it with anyone you know who loves macro photography!

Macro Droids – shot on the Digital Bolex from Digital Bolex on Vimeo.

For those of you interested in a more detailed breakdown of how this piece was shot, here’s a step by step walkthrough of what we did for each image: Continue reading “Macro Photography on the D16” »

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