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Monitor Hood now included with all new camera orders!

Since we released the monitor hood in June of 2015, it has quickly grown to be one of our most popular items. As a result, on the one year anniversary of this item’s release, we’ve decided to include the Monitor Hood as part of the basic Digital Bolex package for all camera orders, starting on June 1st, 2016. Save $100 automatically with all new camera purchases!

When you check out, you will now see the hood in your cart when you add any camera to your order.

20150406 Hood V2 18a

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Firmware 1.5 “Elf” Released, includes new Bolex Log color space


We’re excited to announce the release of “Elf,” the latest firmware for Digital Bolex. Focusing mostly on image-correction and fine tuning, the update also includes a false color mode to show peaks in highlights and shadows. This version may be compatible with HDMI recorders, however further testing is necessary.

Full list of features:

  • Display color gamuts
  • Display gammas
  • Accurate display color tuning
  • False color exposure view mode
  • Improvements to image encoding
  • Improvements to ISO accuracy

Bolex Log and Wide Gamut RGB are optimized to retain the most color and lightness information possible from the D16 without jeopardizing the D16’s natural mojo. This makes the camera easier to intercut with others, as well as gives a defined starting point for your grade. Additionally, there is Bolex Gamma. Bolex Gamma is a classical film s-curve. It provides decent contrast giving weight to the image while still allowing the image to be malleable in post-production.

The functionality of ISO has also changed. Switching the ISO now shifts the dynamic range of the D16 around the middle gray point. In raw at 800 ISO, Bolex Log can retain up to 6 stops of dynamic range above middle gray and 6+ stops below. Reducing ISO lowers your highlight range, but increases your shadow range and reduces the appearance of noise.

*Bolex Gamma has a middle gray point of 412/1023

Download Elf here. Read about the new Bolex Log Color Gamut here.


Tribeca’s Wannabe Brilliantly Evokes Coming of Age in the 90’s


Still from Wannabe

Short film Wannabe premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival to huge buzz, dubbed “a coming-of-age story that will make you swoon” by Indiewire. A recipient of the Digital Bolex Grant for Women Cinematographers, the film was directed by Matthew Manson and shot by Catherine Goldschmidt.

From Indiewire:

In the 1990s, America seemed to going through an economic boom, with some speculating that the party would never end. While some of America enjoyed the frills and joys of a seemingly ceaseless internet bubble, other parts of America still struggled with racial and fiscal troubles.

In a deeply personal and sincere story from writer and director New York native Matthew Manson, the new short “Wannabe” takes place during New York’s tumultuous Crown Heights Riots in the 1990s, exploring the overwhelming racial and political issues that pervaded the contemporary social climate, which sadly continues to this day. But barriers are broken down when Daniel, an anxious Jewish boy, begins to develop a youthful crush on his Caribbean classmate, Emefa. As tensions continue to rise in the neighborhood, Daniel must overcome his neurotic tendencies and impress not only Emefa, but also her skeptical Jamaican family.

We spoke with director Matt and Catherine just before the premiere about their cinematography influences, and use of the Bolex on set. Continue reading “Tribeca’s Wannabe Brilliantly Evokes Coming of Age in the 90’s” »


NAB 2016: 2TB Camera Announced

Starting May 1st, Digital Bolex will open orders for a new 2TB camera. Shooting approximately 6 hours in 2K and 8 hours in 1080p on one SSD, the 2TB D16 is perfect for long-form performances, weddings, and documentary work in remote or outdoor locations.

The introduction of the 1TB camera in 2015 allowed our users to shoot a typical full day on a narrative film set without interruption or needing to change media, the 2TB will do the same for users working in events and documentary production.

The following prices will apply for each model:

C-Mount D16 2TB: $4,599.99
C-Mount D16M 2TB: $4,899.99
MFT-Mount D16 2TB: $4,899.99
PL-Mount D16: $5,419.99

Existing users will be able to upgrade cameras. Prices for upgrades coming soon.


NAB 2016: NAB Show Specials!

We’re excited to announced our show special for NAB 2016—two incredible bundles with Wooden Camera’s rigs designed especially for Digital Bolex! Save $945 when you purchase the C-mount bundle, and save $1000 when you buy the MFT-mount bundle!

These offers are only available through 4/30/16, so act quickly!



Both Wooden Camera rigs are also now available in our online store, so you can purchase all your D16 accessories in one place!

You can see the Wooden Camera Quick Cage for Digital Bolex in action at our NAB2016 booth: #C8049!


Digital Bolex at NAB 2016

Join us this Monday through Thursday in Las Vegas for the NAB Show!

Digital Bolex will be hosting our very first booth at the show this year, in the central hall at booth #C8049 (Map Here). Come by for a chance to try out our PL, MFT, and C-mount cameras in action.

Show Specials
We’ll be announcing two show specials on Monday that will run through the end of April. You can purchase our show specials via our online store at shop.digitalbolex.com, or through any of our retail partners.


This year we’ll be hosting two speakers on Monday and Tuesday coming in to talk about their experiences with the camera.

Monday, April 18: 2PM
Dan Kneece – Director of Photography

Tuesday, April 19: 2PM
Eve Cohen — Director of Photography and G-Team member.

Social Media Scavenger Hunt

As with last year, you’ll be able to find D16 cameras throughout the convention hall, and show attendees will be able to win prizes through our social media scavenger hunt!

To play, take a photo of each D16 you find in one of our four partner booths, and either tweet or Instagram a photo of each camera, making sure to tag both @digitalbolex and our partner’s account at the end of the post. Once you have all found all four cameras, bring your phone to our booth by 5pm that day, and you can draw for a prize, including Veydra sunglasses, Digital Bolex t-shirts, Leather lens cases, and Kish 18mm lenses!


Digital Bolex at SXSW 2016

In Austin for SXSW?

Come by and visit our #DigitalBolexDiveBar at the SXSW trade show! Booth #103 at the Austin Convention Center Monday – Wednesday!

We’re also hosting movie-themed karaoke every day using the camera’s stellar audio as our live mixer, so come on by and sing your heart out!

Karaoke Schedule

Monday – 2pm – 5pm
Tuesday – 2pm – 5pmWednesday – 12pm – 2pm




Firmware 1.4 “Dirawong” released

In the mythology of the Bundjalung Nation of Australia, the Dirawong, an unseen spiritual creature and one of the creator beings, protects and guards its people, aiding them in astronomy, technology, medicine, art, and nearly all aspects of religious and day-to-day life. After the period of creation, Dirawong and the other creator beings transformed into the landscape, becoming significant spiritual places for the Bundjalung people. The Goanna Headland in New South Wales is held to be the body of the Dirawong.

The next Digital Bolex firmware, 1.4, has been released under the name Dirawong. Starting with this revision, we will be naming each official revision for ease of reference to our user base. The previous firmware releases have been retroactively named:

  • 1.0.0 – Amarok
    In Inuit tradition, an amarok is a mythic lone wolf that will devour anyone who hunts alone at night. Folklore casts the amarok as both villian and hero in different legends that explore morality and bravery.
  • 1.2.0 – Basilisk
    The Basilisk, in European lore, is king of serpents and causes death with a mere glance. The Basilisk is thoroughly described in Pliny the Elder’s Natural History in Leonardo Da Vinci’s bestiary.
  • 1.3.0 – Cyclops
    Most recognized from Homer’s The Odyssey, the Cyclopes of Greek mythology are descendants of Titans with eyes in the middle of their foreheads. Outside of the Odyssey, the Cyclopes of legend have an association with blacksmithing.

You will now be able to see changes from revision to revision in our changelog.


Continue reading “Firmware 1.4 “Dirawong” released” »

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And the 2016 Slamdance Fearless Filmmaking Award goes to…

What a whirlwind!

2016 marks the second year of Digital Bolex’s collaboration with the Slamdance Film Festival for the Fearless Filmmaking showcase, and this year’s showcase expanded upon the program created for the first year, evolving into an even more dynamic experience for our filmmakers.

Filmmaker Brunch

New for 2016, on the morning of the showcase we hosted a filmmaker brunch courtesy of the Canadian house and the Calgary International Film Festival, where our filmmakers (and honorary Canadians) met in front of a crackling fire, ate a delicious home-cooked breakfast, and got to know each other and discuss their projects before the afternoon screening.

Seven of our fourteen filmmakers and members of their cast & crews were able to make it out to Park City this year and attend the showcase, which sold out for the 2nd year in a row. The slate, which featured 6 films directed by women, was featured before the fest in HollyWomen’s roundup of 23 Innovative And Crazy Short Films To Watch At Slamdance 2016 and was packed to the gills. An in-depth look at locally shot film B+A also appeared in The Utah Review.



Mixing up the program from last year, we started this year’s screening with trailers for three of the many upcoming features shot on D16: found-footage horror film SCREAMERS, Nick Corporon’s road movie RETAKE, and Kevin Ford’s experimental documentary BY THE RIVER, featuring Ellar Coltrane.

An engaging Q&A followed the screening with the filmmakers and DPs in attendance, who answered questions from the D16’s similarities to film to post-production workflow.

Our 2016 alumni jury, Lindsey Haun, Jeremy Osbern, Misti Boland, Ben Kasulke, Leah Shore, and Michael Dunaway, chose to award three films with honors at the Slamdance Closing Night Awards ceremony.

Elle announced the Special Prize for Cinematography, with last year’s Fearless Filmmakers Jeremy Osbern and Misti Boland announcing the Honorable Mention, and 2015 Grand Prize winner Lindsey Haun announcing this year’s prize.
Special Prize for Cinematography

EYES OF THE CITY – Luke Randall

“A stylish, brooding thriller whose urban landscapes and interiors exude the cool and grittiness of the best of Seventies cinema.”

Honorable Mention


“A visionary film that tells a vibrant narrative without the need of dialogue infusing tight editing, poignant sound and a retro picture.”

Grand Prize

SMALL TALK – Hilary Campbell

“A simple premise brilliantly executed by a strong storyteller, this film engaged an entire audience, producing smiles, laughs and a unique snapshot of the modern day suburbs. From street corners to backyards to wine drenched living rooms, Hillary Campbell perfectly captures the quirkiness of the street she grew up on and the people she grew up near.”

SMALL TALK and select other films from the showcase were awarded VOD distribution through Seed&Spark‘s Cinema platform at the end of their festival run.

Hilary was previously a winner of the Digital Bolex sponsored No Budget Film Festival with her first film, THIS IS NOT THE END, shot on a Bolex H16. SMALL TALK, her second film, is centered partially around sound bytes from an H16 film that went unrealized when her short-end footage was discovered to have been pre-fogged. New D16 footage was shot exclusively on Switar lenses.

We are happy to welcome Hilary to the Digital Bolex family, along with all our other 2016 Fearless Filmmakers, and hope to see all of their wonderful films coming to festivals near you!

Check out the image gallery of all the festivities below. (Photos for Slamdance by Ian Stroud.)