Videos of the Week: Two hot music videos, Coca Cola + more!

We’re launching a new feature this May focusing on the most interesting films shot on Digital Bolex that premiere each week. To kick off this new column, here are two very stylish and fun new music videos for artists Natalita and Falsa Fortuna, a new Coca Cola commercial, PLUS a bonus film from last week from the prolific duo Holomax!

Por La Mañana by Falsa Fortuna

Director Xavier García
Cinematographer David Roma

García had this to say about shooting on the D16:

On the occasion of the launch of the first EP from the band Falsa Fortuna, we made their first single video “Por la Mañana”, we used the Digital Bolex  with the intention of getting this vintage film texture, the result pleased the girls a lot and  us. we think use this camera is an excellent choice to get a different plastic texture, far from what you can get with any DSLR.

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Macro Photography on the D16

Macro photography is awesome because it allows you to see everyday objects in a fresh way. Our team feels similarly about the D16–that when you review footage from our camera, you see footage differently than you would view video; there is a quality to the image that makes you see the images in a new light.

So it made perfect sense to throw some macro lenses on the D16 and capture some fresh perspectives in a new way. But always with a bit of vintage flair, of course!

The following piece was shot with a series of different macro lenses and regular lenses on extension tubes. All of the lenses were set on F5.6 or F4 / 5.6 split to try and regulate the light / depth of field a little bit. The intention was to find macro lenses that would lend a narrative feel to 3 inch tall characters.

After shooting many tests across a few days, here’s our finished piece! We’re really proud of this one and we hope you enjoy it and share it with anyone you know who loves macro photography!

Macro Droids – shot on the Digital Bolex from Digital Bolex on Vimeo.

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CCW Expo, Low Light Examples

One of our camera backers, Josh Apter of Manhattan Edit Workshop, invited me out to a panel he was moderating on Digital Cinema: Past, Present, and Future at CCW Expo at the Javits Center in New York yesterday.

It was a real pleasure to check out this show, which is kind of like a mini NAB East, and features a ton of cool gadgets and broadcast gear. It’s amazing how much new broadcast technology is aimed at prosumers–small production companies and individuals working from single cameras, laptops, etc. without a studio of equipment to deal with.

The panel itself was a lot of fun. My co-panelists were Jem Schofield of TheC47, Terry Brown from Mega Playground, and Andy Shipsides of AbelCine.

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