Cinegear 2015: New Products from Digital Bolex

In addition to the brand new MFT mount and Kish lenses both on display at the show, all shipping now, Digital Bolex is excited to unveil four brand new accessories at Cinegear just in time for summer. And to celebrate, we’re offering big discounts on all new items through the show, and a few of our old favorites!

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D16 Reflecting Monitor Hood
The D16 Reflecting Monitor Hood is a fitted accessory that slides over the D16’s built-in LCD monitor to provide shade on a sunny day without interfering with mounted accessories like the Wide Open Camera cheeseplate. The Monitor Hood also offers users the ability to see the on board monitor at a 90 degree angle with perfect clarity.

Retail Price: $99.99 $49.99 through 6/8!


D16 Weather Skin
A sleek rubber casing which fits snugly over the D16 body and provides all the needed protection for ports during shoots in adverse conditions, blocking dust, sand, water, and humidity from reaching the inside of your camera.

Retail Price: $79 $59 through 6/8!

quickie-colorHot Rod Cameras D16 Cheeseplate
Designed to complement their popular native PL mount for the camera, the Hot Rod Cameras D16 Cheeseplate offers secure mounting points for all your professional accessories.

Retail Price: $229 $199 through 6/8!


Leather Lens Case
Carry your Kish lenses, Veydras, or vintage Switars in style with this stylish, real leather lens case that fits perfectly in our satchel bag and backpack, or can be used in any other bag used to transport gear. Handcrafted in Indonesia with genuine leather.

Retail Price: $34.99 $29.99 through 6/8!

All three accessories and MFT, PL, Monochrome, and C-mount camera are on display during the show in Digital Bolex’s booth #87. Stop on by and try them out!

And to see footage from all four of these cameras, check out our special Cinegear Showcase TONIGHT at 8:15PM at the Sherry Lansing Theater on the Paramount Lot!


During the show, we’re also offering $45 off both our popular leather satchel bags and backpacks, and the Wide Open Camera cheeseplate. Get them while supplies last!


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