The Case of the D16

Hello Everyone,

As you know we work with many people and companies here at Digital Bolex to bring you higher quality products at lower prices. This has worked well with Ienso, the electronics design company, Pomfort, the software company, the Kish, the lens company, and now Tas Merah, a leather case company.

We would like to introduce you to Orlando from Tas Merah who is making a custom designed leather case for the D16. He even made his own D16 camera mock up based on our specs to test it with.

This case is real leather and will retail for $150. There will be other cases in the future from different materials, but trying to stay true to the Bolex brand we have decided to go with leather for the first case.

As he says in the video there will be a small compartment on top for lenses, and the case will of course feature Digital Bolex branding on the front and top.

We have also sourced leather wrist straps that are very very similar to the straps that were sold for Bolex cameras in the 60’s.

Pictures of the strap: (The one on the left is the new strap, the one on the right is vintage.)

We have decided to include these wrist straps with all of Kickstarter cameras. I don’t know if they will be included in the subsequent camera packages, but they will be in the packages for the first 100!

We are doing our best to keep with legacy quality and design for these elements.

Let us know what you think!


Thanks, Elle, Joe, and the Bolex team

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Joe Rubinstein is one of the founders and CEO of Digital Bolex. At Polite in Public, a photo marketing company he also co-founded, Joe was the Chief Technology Officer who worked with electronics developers and software developers to create the Polite in Public Photobooth which helped define modern photo marketing services.

24 thoughts on “The Case of the D16

    • This is a standard 1/4″ thread mount like on most cameras and DSLR’s, but I’m not sure that the tripod mount is the right place to have a DSLR wrist strap mount to.

      You are of course welcome to support the cause if you like 🙂

  1. Looks nice, but I think I’d get annoyed by having to take out whatever’s in that pocket (the handle) to get to the camera and most likely put it immediately back having not used it. I like my Canon 814E’s case, where there’s room for accessories in the bottom and a trap door on top of which the camera sits. That way, you only have to fuss with the accessories if you want them.

  2. Hey Guys,
    I don’t think I’ve ever posted but I’m one of the $2500 backers and have been hoping against hope that I might get the camera for an event I’m doing. If you look it up its in NYC and called CCW – it’s a huge camera/tech show at the Javitz center. I am producing two days of free training in production and post and also holding a panel called “digital cinema: past present and future”.

    Is there any chance in hell of getting a camera to join the discussion? We have a BMD camera represented as well as Sony and Canon – but no BOLEX!!

    Please let me know. Maybe you could send someone to talk on the panel? Anything would be helpful and an amazing, relevant part of the talk.


    Josh Apter

  3. The leather case is a great idea, but I would prefer a case where I didn’t have to remove the handle.
    It depends on what you consider the case for: if for storage at home then great take the handle off, but as a case for a carrying the camera with you when you travel and shoot, I would prefer to be able to whip the camera out and start shooting immediately.
    Looking forward to this immensely!

      • Well the size you have now is pretty good and I suppose with the handle attached the whole unit does become squarer: I though t maybe with the handle it would become more vertical than horizontal.
        Your notion of a hole for the handle is a really good idea – that way you can have the option of having the handle on or off.

  4. Looks promising! I hope it will be long enough to handle one of my compact zooms like the Angie 17-68 f2.2. It is not too much larger than many primes.
    It would make for a nice carry around casual shooting rig.

  5. Awesome Awesome Awesome. Love how the case is big enough to house the camera and several lenses on top (for easy access if I need to switch lenses in/out without a turret), but also small enough so that I’m not carrying around a giant bag if I need to run-and-gun. Maybe another separate compartment for a monitor/batteries/CF Cards/etc.? Also, I know that was just a concept bag, but more support on the bottom and sides would be much appreciated! Aside from that, I can’t seem to think of anything else I’d personally need at the moment~

    • I think this is what we would consider a “Day Bag”. Just the essentials. We would like to come up with a few more bags too, like a “Gig Bag” with room for monitors, small tripod, and batteries, and a full on “Travel Bag” with room for laptop, full size sticks, maybe even lights.

  6. Thanks for the strap!
    I liked how the lens part of the camera is situated to fit the handle.
    BTW, will be cases included with the first 100 cameras? Somewhere was information they are.

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