The D16 at Night

This weekend we finally debuted the D16 to a handful of LA based cinematographers, who kindly came out to shoot some demo footage for us on Saturday and Sunday.

This first test we’re releasing was shot by filmmaker Kathryn Brillhart and Joe in Downtown LA, on the LA Metro, and on Hollywood Boulevard.

This footage was all shot at 400 ISO on a 25mm vintage lens and transcoded in ClipHouse by Joe. The D16 isn’t intended to be a low light camera, but this footage gives you a sense of how far you can reach into shadows and what you can pull out.

Many thanks to Kathryn who shot all of the shots she is not in! 🙂

More to come,

Elle and Joe

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  2. Impressive results!
    I was wondering if in critical situations, you already experienced vertical smear with the Digital Bolex. I’m an owner of an A-cam dII and smearing is very likely to happen especially shooting at night (street lamps, bulbs). Even in your daylight clip, on the final shot, you could shoot the sun without having smear. I’m quite surprised considering that A-cam dII and D16 are from the same Kodak 5.5um sensor family. The one of the d16 being slightly bigger but stil,l sensors from the same family should have the same performances. Is there any reason according to you, why the d16 seams to react better to smear? TY

    • There will definitely be smear on some shots, but we have done a lot of work to prevent it. Programming firmware for a CCD is very complicated, there are many layers, so it’s not just about the physical, it’s also how you use it. We are doing a charge dump on things over a certain intensity at certain points in an exposure. This seems to help with smear.

  3. From what I’ve seen so far, and that’s not a lot and I know your still testing and tweaking… but seriously. AWESOME! That sensor and what you guys are doing with it… Wow. I now get what you were saying about texture/organic look. This is the most naturally film looking footage I’ve seen. Just has a texture to it. Can’t explain it. Well done everyone. I hope CCD’s can continue to have a future in digital cinema even beyond the D16. This camera is gonna kick ass for period pieces!!!

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  6. i really can’t wait for pre-orders of the second round. I didn’t have the money at the time for the early pre-orders but i will sell a kidney to pre-order as soon as i can.

    I have spent quite a while now looking for a camera with a reasonable size sensor (2/3 ideally) that can get me a raw image output like the indiecam or si-2k mini.

    Obviously we have seen that the D16 is by far the best option on the market (or near the market). I am chomping at the bit now!

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  8. Omigosh!

    Balck and white manages to make Los Angeles not to look like a Hell-Hole! :-))

    I pick on my Los Angelos friends! :-))

    Shooting with no make up-the DP/Director had to stand in as model-in Indie world-this happens more often than we like!

    Brilliant footage!


    • Not really a strategy, but a quick fix just for this first pre-sale, we will definitely be opening up other markets in the future, but we are a very small company so worldwide distribution right out of the gate is more than challenging.

  9. There are experts around here that can spot even the finest visual details in footage, while I’m a dilletant. So, does that look like something new to you? Neither film nor video? It felt rather strange to me, and very exiting, so fresh and unusual, yet clear and colourfull.

  10. Waow ! Those images looks really good ! And I had To watch this film several times to enjoy this : handeld in a fast moving vehicule and NO ROLLING SHUTTER ! This feels so good ! Finally handeld footage, and action sequence can move fast again 🙂 thanks guys ! The grain and “feels” coming out of your camera are really nice and subtle. I don’t see how it couldn’t be a real bolex camera (brand name I mean).

  11. This definitely shows what the D16 is capable of in limited light situations. The look of this sensor is exactly the style I’ve been wanting for a while. And with the engineers still refining the image I’m really excited to see what’s down the road.

  12. Kills anything that I shoot on right now, plus beats the convenice of the scarlet that I’m sometimes forced to lug around to “run and gun”. I’m honestly wayy too excited for this. Can’t wait for this!!

    • Probably raised to ISO 850+ in post raw workflow, 0.95 aperture, 220 shutter speed or slower, but yeah, it worked out great! 😀 Was any post sharpening applied?

      • Yes, yes, and yes.
        Pushed many stops in post.
        Not for all shots, but I think some she changed the shutter to 300 degrees.
        And yes we used the built in sharpen tool on ClipHouse, but it wasn’t on crazy strong.

    • Thanks Alexander!
      You can purchase the camera from anywhere, but we must ship to a North American address(including Canada). If you don’t have friends or relatives in North America you can use a service like but I have heard it is a little expensive.

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