LightPost is a transcoding and data backup software meant as a bridge for handling your raw footage on set before post-production, and comes bundled with every D16 purchase.

This software solution was designed by Pomfort, known for safe data transport and on-set color solutions. Unlike more complicated programs that can have a steep learning curve to achieve results, LightPost’s four-step workflow makes working with raw simple and intuitive, even for a beginner.


LightPost is made up of four “rooms”, each with a different function.

  • The Copy Room – Copy footage from your camera, CF cards, or other drives to destination drives with error checking and an ALL CLEAR notification system.
  • The Organize Room – Playback, label, star, note, and organize your clips into smart folders and custom folders.
  • The Color Room – Apply a quick look to your raw footage with fast and intuitive color controls to get your dailies looking good in record time!
  • Export Room – Quickly output your colored dailies to multiple destinations with variable editing formats like ProRes422 or ProRes4444 or exhibition formats standard for iPad, iPhone, and more.

Note: LightPost is not meant to be a final color grading solution and will not optimize your footage. To learn how to properly grade your footage, please see How To: Color Grade.

System Requirements

This software will only work in Mas OS X 10.7 and above.

Try it

Download a free 14-day trial: LightPost (1.03) – 6/6/2014

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