Hot Rodding the D16!

Hello PL-Mount Enthusiasts! We have some good news for you 🙂

We just had a meeting with Illya Friedman from Hot Rod Cameras and he has agreed to design and manufacture the D16’s PL mount. This is really big news. If you don’t know Hot Rod Cameras it is the company that perfected PL mounts for DSLR cameras. They also make a lot of other custom PL related things.

I really like Illya, and the few times we have gotten together to talk I always find myself really connecting with him. He is an honest and straightforward guy who really knows what he is talking about, and that’s reflected in his company. Check out what their about page says…

We take our name in part from the original creators of the “Hot Rod”, skilled Depression-era mechanics, often working in their own garages, using common vehicles, junkyard parts and their own ingenuity to create streamline racers which out-performed most (if not all) of the much more expensive factory cars widely available at the time.

Like those early mechanics, Hot Rod Cameras is on a mission- to build and sell cameras, lenses and other professional grade accessories that when used properly, enable cameras to perform at levels far beyond the the original factory settings.

With Hot Rod Cameras you’ll derive the highest performance possible, and get maximum value from your camera.

Here are some examples of their work:

If you want to read more about Hot Rod and see some of their other products, you can find them online at:

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Joe Rubinstein is one of the founders and CEO of Digital Bolex. At Polite in Public, a photo marketing company he also co-founded, Joe was the Chief Technology Officer who worked with electronics developers and software developers to create the Polite in Public Photobooth which helped define modern photo marketing services.

41 thoughts on “Hot Rodding the D16!

  1. Dear Joe and Elle,

    First of all regarding the PL mount. Again, I/we really dig your entire approach and I totally agree – it is necessary that the PL mount is done the right way. Hot Rod definitely will deliver. No doubts about that. Thank you very much for talking us, the one who want who want/need a PL mount so seriously. Hot Rot is a remarkable manufacturer and imo will supplements the D16 in a tremendous manner.

    On the other hand I have to say that I will not pay 800 dollars on top for a mount that was promised beforehand. But I am happy and lay my trust in you when you say you will make a good deal for all the backers who wanted the PL mount right from the beginning. Maybe it would be a good idea the figure out how many of the 100 backers really are in need or want a PL mount.

    Quick get together with one of your backers
    Wacky Ballerina/Noemi Preiswerk – my better half – is in LA right now doing research for a feature documentary. We together backed your kickstarter project. We know you are very busy working hard for us/the project, but it would be a great if a short get together over a coffee could be arranged. As you might know we’re from Europe and we don’t get the opportunity to come to the states as often as we’d like lately. So it would be great if at least she could meet you guys in person.

    She is in L.A. until the 14th of Feburary, I know its on a very short notice, but she is available during the day as well as on the evening the coming two days. You can get in thouch with her via the following number: (+1) (0) 310 406 9949

    All the best,
    Yves Roy

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    • Yes you would need the PL mount for the D16 that we are talking about in this post, but these are very nice companions for the D16!

      (not 100% sure if they cover S16, so might not get 2K S16 mode, but they surely cover the regular 16 – 1080p mode)

  3. Hi Joe,
    I saw your profile on Model Mayhem. Do you work with many models?
    I work with UK models and and shot a few on videos. I plan on using the BMCC or the D16 in the future. Many models recognise the important of good videos for their portfolios.

    • Hi Simon,

      I don’t really do shoots anymore. It was always just something to do for fun and I just haven’t had the time recently.
      I think it is a good idea to start building motion into any work you do though, it does seem like the world is going that way 🙂

  4. How about m43-mount? Is that going to be a free option? There are good quality alternatives in m43->PL adapters. Micro 43 is the best “universal” mount at the moment, given that you support the heavier lenses accordingly. My m43-PL adapter has adjustable flange distance (no shims needed). It is very well made and robust. I ordered it from the polish company foto-akcesoria (aka Ciecio7 on Ebay).

    • I am working on a passive MFT lens mount now, and yes it will be one of the options kickstarter backers can select. And yes there are some MFT to PL adapters out there, but if you are using PL lenses for the quality, I would say it’s probably going to be worth the price to get the PL mount. I’m not selling them or making any money on the sale of the PL mount so I’m not saying that as a profit thing. It’s really all about the quality these guys build!

  5. Quite clearly, it makes little sense to use like USD15000 lenses and than have them defocus at a corner due to a failing mount. So, I believe the decision is right, even though I assume that the price will be closer to USD1400.

    All others may well use a c-mount or mft to PL-adapter like: (USD500)

    or (429)
    or (395)

  6. I also expected a PL Mount with the shipped camera and have recently bought a Compact Super 16 Zoom for the D16.

    Just been on Hot Rod’s website and although their mounts are nice that 5D-PL Deluxe mount is more expensive than the D16 ???

    Joe – What’s the difference in the EF Mount you’ve been working on and a PL ?

    • Hi Jade,

      Thanks for all your support so far.

      We thought we were going to be producing the PL mount back in March, but as it turns out this is much more complicated than it seems.

      EF lenses are made with a larger range of back focus compared to many PL lenses. Basically, for professionals, the PL needs to be a very very exacting thing. Major companies like Sony have screwed this up when trying to make PL versions of their cameras. PL mounts unlike other mounts need the ability for the user to “shim” the mount and balance it. Illya has spent a lot of time (years really) getting this just right through the design process and the manufacturing process. It would take us a long time and a lot of work to get to the point he is at today.

      I promise that we will work with him to work out a good deal for our kickstarter backers that want the PL mount, and that the PL mount you get will be awesome!

    • Hi Chris,
      These guys are fantastic! And the mount will be more expensive than if we did it, but it will be done the right way.
      The way we figure it, people who want to use PL mounts are the serious type who want things done 100% right and can afford this kind of perfection. The lens sets for this Mount reflect that kind of performance, and price.

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