Kish Lenses Daylight Test

Our last tests were a little rushed and we didn’t have time to take any shots outside. So we did another lens test this week using natural light. And to our surprise, the most flattering lens was the 38mm, which was our least favorite lens in the earlier test. We think this is because of the color temperature/CRI. We’ll be running more precise tests soon, and Kish is constructing special testing equipment to help finalize that process.

We shot these tests at Pershing Square in downtown LA from about 4PM to 5PM. The white box denotes the S16 frame, everything outside is the micro 4/3 frame.

This is the 10mm:

This is the 18mm

And this is the 38mm behaving surprisingly well!

We also did a few lens flare tests.

The 10mm:

The 18mm:

The 38mm:

We think these shots look even better than the last, and can’t wait to show you more!

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30 thoughts on “Kish Lenses Daylight Test

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  2. Joe, I’m curious with these being f4 lenses what your light meter suggested the aperture to be for these shots.

    What I’m trying to find out is if your meter told you to be at 5.6 or 8 and these pics are the result of what f4 would look like OR if you put on an nd filter to get the stop you needed.


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  7. Amazing results.
    I’m very interesting about the camera and this lenses, but I would like to know how do you plan to focus with your lenses.
    As I could read, these lenses has fixed iris and focus, but shooting video it will be a “pain in the ass” (sorry for the language) if you couldn’t control the focus.
    In an interview I hear Joe talking about to focus pulling with the crank at the side of the camera. Is it true? Have I heared right?

    If not, how do you meant to use this fixed focus lenses?

    • Hi Andrea,

      Yes there will be a special mount that moves the lenses back and forth just a little bit allowing the lenses to focus. This will be controlled by the crank on the side of the camera. And one really cool thing is that this will work with vintage C-mount lenses too!

      • ohw great! but is this “swinging” mount a different type from the default c-mount, or is it the same with a selectable function to assign at the crank?
        Thanks and good work!

    • We do hope to have the lenses ready at the time the cam is ready! And no new news on anamorphic yet, but I had a conference call about it this morning and another tomorrow morning already scheduled. I can tell you we are talking about it a lot internally πŸ™‚ It was great to see how many companies were moving away from 3D and toward anamorphic this year at NAB, I think it gives our anamorphic program the kick in the pants it needs to become a priority πŸ™‚

    • With the exception of one shot we didn’t control focus! This test demos the focus range of the lenses! The one shot is the close up demo of the 38mm, and I think I basically unscrewed the lens just a little bit. We did near, medium, and far tests to show the focus ranges. I just wanted more than one distance for the 38mm and without the focus module it really doesn’t have more than one distance. There are no adapters planned for M4/3 cameras right now, but maybe in the future πŸ™‚

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