NAB 2013 Recap

Hey everyone! It’s been a busy few days in Bolex land. We got back from Vegas on Thursday night, and we’re already back in the office fielding phone calls and meetings. For those of you who weren’t able to get out to NAB this year, I thought it would be fun to do a quick recap of our experience.

A few months ago Pomfort invited us to share their booth space in the Made In Germany section of the Central Hall, and we jumped at the chance. It was a daunting thought to jump right into another trade show booth as we’re barely recovered from SXSW, but we definitely couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang out with filmmakers and innovators working on amazing new projects, and of course a big number of our own backers from around the world.

While it was disappointing not to have cameras that were finished for the show, we had a great time at the Pomfort booth in the Bavarian Pavilion (where they serve food to Bavarians! Which means us!) meeting thousands of people who were all eager to get their hands on our prototypes and talk with us about our lenses, software, and vision for the project. We did a ton interviews for news outlets, bloggers, and curious camera buyers, going over the workflow details of Pomfort’s transcoding demo, testing the new Kish lenses on a M43 camera. Like last year we were part of the NAB live broadcast at the Teradek booth, graciously invited by Michael Artsis, which was a blast.

For those of you interested in interviews, a few others have popped up online that are pretty cool and informative:

New Cine Central (Part 1)
New Cine Central (Part 2)
FinalCutMTL (French)
Film TV (German)
Les Machineurs (French)
Pro Video Coalition
The Tech Buzz

Unlike last year, we didn’t move around the show much (though of course we took a field trip to check out the MoVI), but we did stop in to rig up the PL mounted D16 at the Zacuto booth, and took that rig for a spin at the Arri booth, where we spent a few hours showing off the camera, chatting about the custom base plate Arri is building for us, and debating the eternal 2K vs. 4k question.

We also spent a few hours with our fellow CinemaDNG users Ikonoskop, IndieCam, Blackmagic Design, The Foundry, and others at the CinemaDNG Developers meeting, where I was finally able to show off the new CinemaDNG Initiative website (going live around IBC in September) that I’ve been working on all year.  I was voted Vice Chair, working with the re-elected Chair, Peter from Ikonoskop, so for the next year I get to be at the forefront of getting CinemaDNG into the hands of the masses, which is very exciting.

NAB this year was extra special as we had our first Digital Bolex party: a meetup at the Golden Nugget Casino on Fremont Street, suggested by some of our backers and forum members. About a dozen of us met for dinner at the buffet, then moved upstairs for a suite party, which we felt would be a more intimate space than a club or bar where meetups are normally held. We were surprised at how many people we could cram into such a small space, and we had a great time; we watched Dark City and Dune, wandered Fremont, and talked until 3 AM. It was great to put a face to many of the names we’ve seen on our forums over the past year, as well as friends from other camera and accessory companies, Twitter friends, and the crew of Beyond the Bolex.

We finished up our trip with a very long meeting with TrueSense to discuss their new product line, their Kodak legacy, and how they can reach out to the film community. All in all it was an exhausting but very rewarding trip, and being able to connect with so many experienced cinematographers and engineers, many of whom have gone down the camera creation path before us and can help guide us as we approach the finish line, was greatly rewarding. We’re no longer the new kids on the block, and that means that we’ve been able to make even more friends in the camera community whom we look forward to collaborating with in the future.

Here are some photos of our NAB 2013 experience. You can find a few more on our FB page:

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  3. Bavaria is really a centre for cinema camera technology, which I find quite amazing. There are actually so many companies that some years ago, they decided that they would split off from the huge “Photokina” trade fair in Cologne, and establish their own, cine specific fair, the “Cinec” in Munich.

    Great to hear that Arri plans to support the D16. I could get to them within ten minutes by bycicle. Did you know that Pomfort is located just about 50 meters apart from Arri?

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