Statement on SmallHD 501 and 502 monitors

Update 8/27: The bug and resolution have been found, and new firmware will be released for the D16 on 8/31 to accept the SmallHD signal.

Earlier this year, SmallHD released a wonderful line of new HD EVFs with fantastic color and display technology, namely the 501 (HDMI) and 502 (SDI/HDMI) models.


Unfortunately, after a handful of Digital Bolex users complained in the last two months of SSDs dismounting, frozen cameras, and potential footage loss, we have discovered that these new monitors have an incompatibility with the current D16 firmware, resulting from SmallHD using a newer EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) data standard in their HDMI signal not used in most other EVF products on the market, a standard that the D16’s firmware is not currently set up to accept. This incompatibility causes a problem with the D16’s internal SSD drive that effects its ability to record and playback footage.

SmallHD provided us with samples of their new monitors so our engineers could help to diagnose the problem and has been active in helping them solve the issue. While a recent update to the SmallHD firmware was recently released, it did not solve these critical issues. For the time being, we are currently recommending that users of the Digital Bolex do not use the new SmallHD 500 series EVFs with our camera until the newest D16 firmware patch is released. With the current D16 firmware configuration, the 500 series monitors may damage your camera after continuous use, and we will not be able to provide warranty repair for issues resulting from the use of a 500 series monitor at this time.

We thank SmallHD for working with us on resolving this issue, and additionally enthusiastically recommend their DP4, DP7, and AC7 monitors as reliable accessories for the Digital Bolex, and also support the similar products of other manufacturers like Cineroid, Zacuto, TVLogic, and F&V, whose EVFs have shown no compatibility issues.


#VOTW! Ryot, B-movies, Coca Cola, Melting, and more!


An authentic, fun 1950’s B-movie homage with practical and digital effects.

Director: Alex Italics
Cinematographer: Brody Anderson
Art Direction: Robert Suchy
Art Assistants: Joshua Zientarski & Megan Lopez
Grip: Cullen Hamblen



Each year, thousands of potential immigrants scale the border fence between Tijuana and San Diego. Crossing miles of arid desert, many have made it to the US, while thousands have perished in the process. We’ve all heard about the immigration journey, but none of us has ever seen it like this. RYOT teleports you to the Tijuana-San Diego border in virtual reality, where you’ll get the chance to live on the other side of the fence, and stare through the wire back at the USA. Experience Tijuana from a totally new perspective, and you’ll understand what it feels like to come face to face with iron bars separating you from another country. Seeing the border like this might surprise you, but it’s the reality that over a million people live with every day.

The first VR piece to incorporate Digital Bolex footage.


Director/DP: Evan T. Perry

Annabel is a very soulful, powerful siren that is definitely destined for fantastic things. This teaser video was shot at a slightly rundown greenhouse in Watertown, MA. It was conceived as far back as April and took time to collect over 50 gallons of light corn syrup and a claw foot bath tub.


Commercial spots for Coca Cola’s 2015 Copa Coca Cola event.

Director: Marc Wilkins
DP: Burak Turan


DP/Director: AJ Molle

AJ Molle is back with another luscious view of youthful summer, featuring vivid colors, unbelievable sunsets, and rippling fireworks.


DP/Director: Carlos Lamas

This music video for Oaks follows a daytime drive and a soulful exploration.


No Budget Film Festival accepting submissions!

For the third year, we’re happy to be sponsors of the No Budget Film Festival, a celebration of resourceful filmmaking and filmmakers, with screenings, workshops, and very cool events that bring indie filmmakers together.

This year’s festival takes places in October, and all films with the #shotonbolex logo in their credits qualify for FREE submission! That’s right—if you shot your no budget film on D16, you don’t have to pay a submission fee to enter the festival.

How to enter:

It’s our 6th year of celebrating the ‘maker’ in filmmaker. From Iowa to Iran, our entries hail from around the globe. Last year alone, we showcased 50 of the world’s most daring new indie voices from  India, Brazil, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Switzerland, England, Portugal, Taiwan, New Zealand and more.

This sold out, red carpet, eclectic industry-heavy yet community based festival still packs the same punch it has for the last half-decade with some new-to-2015 surprises: A-list panels, networking for the non-stuffy set, parties parties parties, and of course, screenings showcasing the best in cutting-edge innovative work from a collection of daring emerging international filmmakers.

Some No Budget Facts to Remember:

NO! Bloated Entry Fee.*
NO! Films over 30 minutes.^

Films must not rely on a budget. Beg, borrow, collaborate to get your work done!

So pick up a camera, grab your buddies, and get to work! Early bird submission deadline extended to August 25 at 6pm PST. Late submissions will remain open until September 1 at 6pm PST.

*Each initial submission is $10. Late submissions and multiple submissions from the same filmmaking team incur a fee of $15. Still cheaper than your last latte. Film shots on a Digital Bolex may submit without paying the submission fee. Please mention the code Digital Bolex in the Paypal Confirmation Number field to have your submission fee waived. Films must have “Shot on Digital Bolex” in their credits to take advantage of this offer.

We’re also working with NBFF and Department4 to create some great tips for now budget filmmaking, with guests from Hipsterhood, 5secondfilms, and more! Stay tuned for those videos as they come out!




Firmware 1.3.1 Patch Released + Shipping updates!

It’s been a busy summer at Digital Bolex, as we’re hard at work on our biggest firmware update yet, in addition to delivering our lenses and a ton of new accessories.

MFT Mounts are in!

Our new batch of MFT mounts arrived at the end of June, and have shipped out to most users. We’re pleased to say that they’re fully in stock for new orders, and our reselling partners like B&H and Le Cirque are already carrying a D16MFT bundle in addition to C-mount models.

Kish Lenses

Lenses arrived in our LA office a few weeks ago, and have been going through one final round of testing before being sent to customers. We are shipping lenses as the tests are completed, and have a high volume of orders to fulfill, so if you have not yet received your lenses, fear not: they are on their way soon.

Hood & Skin status

Our first batch of monitor hoods has arrived in the Toronto office. They are being prepped to ship this week. Rubber skins are arriving next week to ship.

Firmware 1.3 Patch

We’ve patched firmware 1.3 with a few small updates. These include:

  • removing the blip before a clip opens for playback
  • fixing a bug with timecode recording in 1.3.0
  • fixing a bug with an incorrectly displayed menu icon in 1.3.0
  • smoothing the motion of the HDMI out signal

The new patch is available on our Downloads page.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 5.32.14 PM

Videos of the week: voices, nature, and ghosts

This week we have videos from the Pacific Northwest, the Netherlands, Bermuda, and a Tennessee backyard!

La Veu del Barça by Johan Kramer

Synopsis: For 59 years, Manel Vich has been the voice of FC Barcelona as the speaker at the Camp Nou stadium. The voice of this 77-year old announcer is well- known, but 99% of the fans have no idea who he is.

Director: Johan Kramer

Latourell Falls – Andrew Molle

Synopsis: A hike into the dense woods of the Pacific Northwest.

Director/DP/Sound/Editor/Colorist – Andrew Molle

Tripping on Mt. Olympus – Alyson Thompson

Synopsis: Poetry goes down on a Bermuda afternoon.

Shot, edited, directed by Alyson Thompson

The Girl with a Fear of Ghosts – Holomax

Maria has an intense fear of ghosts. This is her story.

Written, Directed & Edited by Joe and Lloyd Stas

Have you shot a film on D16? Let our community know by adding it to the Digital Bolex User group on Vimeo, or by emailing us and using #shotonbolex in the subject header!


20150216 Adele  Gypsy Song  BTS 286 copy

Low light? No problem: Marc Wilkins talks Amare

Marc Wilkins is Swiss a commercial director working in New York and Europe. He previously directed a suite of 10 commercials for Coca Cola’s Copa Coca Cola with the D16 as A-cam and Alexa as B-cam, and recently directed the music video for Adele Jacques’ AMARE using the D16M in extreme low-light conditions.

Marc directs Adele Jacques music video AMARE in downtown Los Angeles.

In November 2014, cinematographer Burak Turan, who I’ve had a long creative relationship with, introduced me to the D16. After we shot the Copa Coca Cola 2015 campaign with the camera, very successfully, the D16 had my attention.

I became curious about the monochrome cameras since I am developing a feature, a French-German-Polish-Co-Production, ROSTOCK PARIS, which will be black and white. Continue reading “Low light? No problem: Marc Wilkins talks Amare” »


Cinegear 2015: Digital Bolex to provide path to distribution for projects shot on D16

We’ve always said that selling a camera is only the beginning of our relationships with our Digital Bolex customers—we are committed to providing screening, learning, and shooting opportunities for those choosing to use our tools, and leveraging the power of our huge and overwhelmingly positive community to give independent filmmakers a voice and an audience for their work. Our partnership with Slamdance for the 2015 festival represented the first step in this process; partnering with an Academy-qualifying festival that champions true independent filmmakers and gave our filmmakers the chance to show their work on the big screen. Many of our Slamdance premiering films have gone on to play film festivals internationally. Our women cinematographers grant presented by Hive Lighting, with support from Zacuto, Hot Rod Cameras, and Switronix, has already resulted in more than five projects being completed since its debut in March, and gives access to equipment to those with few resources to tell their stories. Continue reading “Cinegear 2015: Digital Bolex to provide path to distribution for projects shot on D16” »

20150406 Hood V2 18a

Cinegear 2015: New Products from Digital Bolex

In addition to the brand new MFT mount and Kish lenses both on display at the show, all shipping now, Digital Bolex is excited to unveil four brand new accessories at Cinegear just in time for summer. And to celebrate, we’re offering big discounts on all new items through the show, and a few of our old favorites!

20150406 Hood V2 18a Continue reading “Cinegear 2015: New Products from Digital Bolex” »