Sun Cinematography

charlene Digital Bolex is proud to come on board as a sponsor for the 2016 Sun Cinematography Award. Given to a currently enrolled student or alumna of USC, the prize was formed in memory of DP Charlene W. Sun (1974-2009). Digital Bolex is thrilled to support educational initiatives to bring diverse voices to the field of cinematography, and are excited to be partnering with an organization that is so well-respected within a University renowned for its film program.

Charlene Sun and Nicola Marsh filming a PSA for the Los Angeles Youth Network, 2008

Charlene Sun and Nicola Marsh filming a PSA for the Los Angeles Youth Network, 2008

Women’s voices need to be more prevalent in all areas of film/television storytelling: not just on screen or as writers, directors and producers, but also in the other arts, where the nuance brought by the individual framing the shot, lighting the scene, or crafting the sound, can have a huge impact on the meaning of the moment. The Sun Cinematography Award provides talented female students at the USC School of Cinematic Arts with the opportunity to improve their projects and enjoy mentorships that will give them a boost towards becoming successful cinematographers able to shape the future of media.

Established in 2009, the Sun Cinematography Award has supported four women, and has now opened applications for its fifth round. Recipients have used the award to experiment with light and color, enhance their reels, and complete personal projects. Recipients have also taken advantage of the mentorship program, and one awardee was able to turn her mentorship into a paying internship on a very popular award winning prime-time series.

The support of camera/film technology companies, such as Digital Bolex, for women cinematographers is invaluable. In addition to providing women with opportunities to learn technology they may not otherwise be able to access and significantly improve their work due to the quality of equipment available, this support gives women access to relationships. The film and television industry are built on relationships: who one knows, and how one has conducted herself while getting to know those people, are a significant part of how one is able to move ahead. The support of these companies is a great way for these women to begin building strong relationships that will last throughout their careers.

Rain Breaw Michaels, filmmaker, co-founder, Sun Cinematography Award

Knowing Charlene Sun and her spirit of working against the odds made me feel like I wanted to be a part of this effort and bring flame to other women’s dreams and aspirations to be behind the camera. Stacking the mentorship with in kind sponsors who enlarge the scale of what these awardees work with, is integral to the experience we want to impart and hopefully a bridge we want to help create towards making them working professionals.

Iram Parveen Bilal, filmmaker, co-founder, Sun Cinematography Award

How To Apply

Deadline: Monday, December 7, 2105

The Sun Cinematography Award will be given for excellence in cinematography to a female student enrolled in the University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts and acting as the director of photography on an advanced project*.

For the Winter/Spring 2016 recipient, the award will include:

  • $500 towards the Cinematography Budget on the Advanced Project for which the recipient is the DP
  • A semester-long mentorship with a working Cinematographer
  • A camera and/or lens package from Digital Bolex, if applicable**
  • A one year, non-voting, student membership to Women In Film.
  • A one year membership to the Friends of the ASC as well as an invitation to the ASC awards, if applicable**
  • Assistance from Kodak, if applicable**


  • The student must be female
  • The student must be currently enrolled in the USC School of Cinematic Arts graduate or undergraduate production program
  • The student must be the Cinematographer for an advanced USC project, to which this award will be attributed*

To apply, visit The submission deadline is  Monday, December 7, 2015.


Digital Bolex x Veydra

Veydras-smWe’re happy to announce that the Veydra mini primes are now available to order in our online store in both their C-mount and MFT variations! The perfect companion for the D16, the Veydra mini primes feature constant volume focus, 0.8 cinema pitch gears on the iris/focus rings, constant T-Stop, and common front diameter for quick lens changes in a production environment.

Choose from the 5 available mini primes:

  • 12mm
  • 16mm
  • 25mm
  • 35mm
  • 50mm


You can also save big and buy all 5 lenses as an MFT or C-mount kit with a bonus custom carrying case that fits a set of six. The C-mount lens set is exclusive to Digital Bolex, so our online store is the only place you can get ’em!


To celebrate, through all of November, get big savings on your entire purchase when you buy a new D16 camera and a single Veydra lens (additional $50 savings) or 5-lens kit and carrying case (additional $200 savings) exclusively through our online store!


Visit Digital Bolex at ProFusion 2015

Are you a Canadian filmmaker looking to try the D16? Want to get your hands on a camera in the Toronto area? Digital Bolex will be making our Canadian expo debut at ProFusion 2015 on November 11th and 12th.

Tickets are free, so register today to check out the camera and footage at booth #2011!


ProFusion is about bringing together the latest technology and the brightest minds in the industry.

The primary mission of ProFusion is to showcase and celebrate the pro imaging industry in Canada. To that end, over two days, our focus is to celebrate Canada’s burgeoning pro imaging market by bringing together the latest technology and the brightest minds in the industry.

If it’s new and exciting and you haven’t seen it yet, chances are you’ll get to see it launched at ProFusion. Over the years we’ve showcased many ‘first time in Canada’ product launches, including the most talked-about cameras, lighting, software and more. And it’s not just about seeing new gear, it’s experiencing it in an intimate, interactive environment, unlike any other tradeshow.


#VOTW September 15 – Music, Forests, Flowers, and Romance

This week we have six great projects to showcase from Gabon, Ireland, Bolivia and the United States, including four films by our Kickstarter backers!

Half Kings (Trailer)

Jazz trumpeter René ‘El Rey’ Chiles, bored with “the scene” searches for a re-invention, a new sound, a new self. Rey’s sojourn, blurred between dreams and reality, reveals darker consequences with love, life, and sanity.

Director/DP Robert Cuadra
DP Kabeer Shaik

SIR OKOSS – L’Okossmos

A French-language hip hop video that takes place deep in the jungles of Gabon. Vidéo officielle du titre L’Okossmos extrait du premier projet de SIR OKOSS baptisé ” Nfe Fe Mot “.

Director/DP Franck Onoviet #16

Relationship Goals

Two best friends trying to progress their romantic relationships, one to a ring and the other to a successful first date, discover what’s most important ain’t dudes at all.

Directed by Nic Stanich
DP by Andy Knapp

Legend of Amba (Trailer)

A group of childhood friends reconnect under mysterious circumstances – and are invited on a trip together. While hiking in the woods, they encounter a magical force that reveals what they truly feel about themselves, each other, and the world at large.

Director Kaelan Strouss
DP Brian Morgan #21

The Sunflowers (Los Girasoles)

Director Martin Boulocq
DP Rolando Lora Diez de Medina #27

A film in which the flowers of a still life are the protagonists. Inspired by Bolivian painter Gildaro Antezana’s “Dance of the Sunflowers” and shot in the space of one square meter, the film explores the passage of time and natural decay in the microcosm of a room on the 4th floor of a building.

Awards / Festivals
2014, Mar del Plata film festival (Estados alterados)
2015, Lima independiente, official selection (Fronteras destruidas)

Full film available on Vimeo On Demand!

LANUGO – The Horror and the Hope

Never before have the leading experts in science, conservation, business, law, education and the environment, from Ireland and Scotland, come together in celebration and discussion of the Great Grey Seal, the first species to be protected by wildlife legislation.

A web companion to accompany the first documentary feature film shot on the D16, The Great Grey Seal.

DP/Director Dave Kavanagh #26


Digital Bolex Exhibiting at IBC 2015


Thanks to our generous retail partners at B&H Photo in New York, Digital Bolex will be exhibiting for the first time at IBC this year in Amsterdam.

Stop by the B&H Photo booth #10.A01 in Hall 10 from September 11th-15th to check out color and monochrome D16 cinema cameras, as well as our PL mount by Hot Rod Cameras and our MFT mount.


Statement on SmallHD 501 and 502 monitors

Update 9/01: Firmware patch 1.3.2 has been released and is available for download. You must use this firmware version or higher for your camera to be compatible with the SmallHD 501 and 502 monitors.

Update 8/27: The bug and resolution have been found, and new firmware will be released for the D16 on 8/31 to accept the SmallHD signal.

Earlier this year, SmallHD released a wonderful line of new HD EVFs with fantastic color and display technology, namely the 501 (HDMI) and 502 (SDI/HDMI) models.


Unfortunately, after a handful of Digital Bolex users complained in the last two months of SSDs dismounting, frozen cameras, and potential footage loss, we have discovered that these new monitors have an incompatibility with the current D16 firmware, resulting from SmallHD using a newer EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) data standard in their HDMI signal not used in most other EVF products on the market, a standard that the D16’s firmware is not currently set up to accept. This incompatibility causes a problem with the D16’s internal SSD drive that effects its ability to record and playback footage.

SmallHD provided us with samples of their new monitors so our engineers could help to diagnose the problem and has been active in helping them solve the issue. While a recent update to the SmallHD firmware was recently released, it did not solve these critical issues. For the time being, we are currently recommending that users of the Digital Bolex do not use the new SmallHD 500 series EVFs with our camera until the newest D16 firmware patch is released. With the current D16 firmware configuration, the 500 series monitors may damage your camera after continuous use, and we will not be able to provide warranty repair for issues resulting from the use of a 500 series monitor at this time.

We thank SmallHD for working with us on resolving this issue, and additionally enthusiastically recommend their DP4, DP7, and AC7 monitors as reliable accessories for the Digital Bolex, and also support the similar products of other manufacturers like Cineroid, Zacuto, TVLogic, and F&V, whose EVFs have shown no compatibility issues.


#VOTW! Ryot, B-movies, Coca Cola, Melting, and more!


An authentic, fun 1950’s B-movie homage with practical and digital effects.

Director: Alex Italics
Cinematographer: Brody Anderson
Art Direction: Robert Suchy
Art Assistants: Joshua Zientarski & Megan Lopez
Grip: Cullen Hamblen



Each year, thousands of potential immigrants scale the border fence between Tijuana and San Diego. Crossing miles of arid desert, many have made it to the US, while thousands have perished in the process. We’ve all heard about the immigration journey, but none of us has ever seen it like this. RYOT teleports you to the Tijuana-San Diego border in virtual reality, where you’ll get the chance to live on the other side of the fence, and stare through the wire back at the USA. Experience Tijuana from a totally new perspective, and you’ll understand what it feels like to come face to face with iron bars separating you from another country. Seeing the border like this might surprise you, but it’s the reality that over a million people live with every day.

The first VR piece to incorporate Digital Bolex footage.


Director/DP: Evan T. Perry

Annabel is a very soulful, powerful siren that is definitely destined for fantastic things. This teaser video was shot at a slightly rundown greenhouse in Watertown, MA. It was conceived as far back as April and took time to collect over 50 gallons of light corn syrup and a claw foot bath tub.


Commercial spots for Coca Cola’s 2015 Copa Coca Cola event.

Director: Marc Wilkins
DP: Burak Turan


DP/Director: AJ Molle

AJ Molle is back with another luscious view of youthful summer, featuring vivid colors, unbelievable sunsets, and rippling fireworks.


DP/Director: Carlos Lamas

This music video for Oaks follows a daytime drive and a soulful exploration.


No Budget Film Festival accepting submissions!

For the third year, we’re happy to be sponsors of the No Budget Film Festival, a celebration of resourceful filmmaking and filmmakers, with screenings, workshops, and very cool events that bring indie filmmakers together.

This year’s festival takes places in October, and all films with the #shotonbolex logo in their credits qualify for FREE submission! That’s right—if you shot your no budget film on D16, you don’t have to pay a submission fee to enter the festival.

How to enter:

It’s our 6th year of celebrating the ‘maker’ in filmmaker. From Iowa to Iran, our entries hail from around the globe. Last year alone, we showcased 50 of the world’s most daring new indie voices from  India, Brazil, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Switzerland, England, Portugal, Taiwan, New Zealand and more.

This sold out, red carpet, eclectic industry-heavy yet community based festival still packs the same punch it has for the last half-decade with some new-to-2015 surprises: A-list panels, networking for the non-stuffy set, parties parties parties, and of course, screenings showcasing the best in cutting-edge innovative work from a collection of daring emerging international filmmakers.

Some No Budget Facts to Remember:

NO! Bloated Entry Fee.*
NO! Films over 30 minutes.^

Films must not rely on a budget. Beg, borrow, collaborate to get your work done!

So pick up a camera, grab your buddies, and get to work! Early bird submission deadline extended to August 25 at 6pm PST. Late submissions will remain open until September 1 at 6pm PST.

*Each initial submission is $10. Late submissions and multiple submissions from the same filmmaking team incur a fee of $15. Still cheaper than your last latte. Film shots on a Digital Bolex may submit without paying the submission fee. Please mention the code Digital Bolex in the Paypal Confirmation Number field to have your submission fee waived. Films must have “Shot on Digital Bolex” in their credits to take advantage of this offer.

We’re also working with NBFF and Department4 to create some great tips for now budget filmmaking, with guests from Hipsterhood, 5secondfilms, and more! Stay tuned for those videos as they come out!