And the 2016 Slamdance Fearless Filmmaking Award goes to…

What a whirlwind!

2016 marks the second year of Digital Bolex’s collaboration with the Slamdance Film Festival for the Fearless Filmmaking showcase, and this year’s showcase expanded upon the program created for the first year, evolving into an even more dynamic experience for our filmmakers.

Filmmaker Brunch

New for 2016, on the morning of the showcase we hosted a filmmaker brunch courtesy of the Canadian house and the Calgary International Film Festival, where our filmmakers (and honorary Canadians) met in front of a crackling fire, ate a delicious home-cooked breakfast, and got to know each other and discuss their projects before the afternoon screening.

Seven of our fourteen filmmakers and members of their cast & crews were able to make it out to Park City this year and attend the showcase, which sold out for the 2nd year in a row. The slate, which featured 6 films directed by women, was featured before the fest in HollyWomen’s roundup of 23 Innovative And Crazy Short Films To Watch At Slamdance 2016 and was packed to the gills. An in-depth look at locally shot film B+A also appeared in The Utah Review.



Mixing up the program from last year, we started this year’s screening with trailers for three of the many upcoming features shot on D16: found-footage horror film SCREAMERS, Nick Corporon’s road movie RETAKE, and Kevin Ford’s experimental documentary BY THE RIVER, featuring Ellar Coltrane.

An engaging Q&A followed the screening with the filmmakers and DPs in attendance, who answered questions from the D16’s similarities to film to post-production workflow.

Our 2016 alumni jury, Lindsey Haun, Jeremy Osbern, Misti Boland, Ben Kasulke, Leah Shore, and Michael Dunaway, chose to award three films with honors at the Slamdance Closing Night Awards ceremony.

Elle announced the Special Prize for Cinematography, with last year’s Fearless Filmmakers Jeremy Osbern and Misti Boland announcing the Honorable Mention, and 2015 Grand Prize winner Lindsey Haun announcing this year’s prize.
Special Prize for Cinematography

EYES OF THE CITY – Luke Randall

“A stylish, brooding thriller whose urban landscapes and interiors exude the cool and grittiness of the best of Seventies cinema.”

Honorable Mention


“A visionary film that tells a vibrant narrative without the need of dialogue infusing tight editing, poignant sound and a retro picture.”

Grand Prize

SMALL TALK – Hilary Campbell

“A simple premise brilliantly executed by a strong storyteller, this film engaged an entire audience, producing smiles, laughs and a unique snapshot of the modern day suburbs. From street corners to backyards to wine drenched living rooms, Hillary Campbell perfectly captures the quirkiness of the street she grew up on and the people she grew up near.”

SMALL TALK and select other films from the showcase were awarded VOD distribution through Seed&Spark‘s Cinema platform at the end of their festival run.

Hilary was previously a winner of the Digital Bolex sponsored No Budget Film Festival with her first film, THIS IS NOT THE END, shot on a Bolex H16. SMALL TALK, her second film, is centered partially around sound bytes from an H16 film that went unrealized when her short-end footage was discovered to have been pre-fogged. New D16 footage was shot exclusively on Switar lenses.

We are happy to welcome Hilary to the Digital Bolex family, along with all our other 2016 Fearless Filmmakers, and hope to see all of their wonderful films coming to festivals near you!

Check out the image gallery of all the festivities below. (Photos for Slamdance by Ian Stroud.)

2016 Fearless Filmmaking Slate Announced!

Yesterday, Variety exclusively revealed the films Digital Bolex selected for its second Fearless Filmmaking Showcase at the Slamdance Film Festival.

As mentioned today in Indiewire, The 90-minute slate features the work of fourteen filmmakers from Croatia, Australia, Romania, France, and the USA, including films created at the Résidence Audiovisuelle Francophone in Slon, Romania, and a University of Connecticut thesis that received the Digital Bolex Grant for Women Cinematographers.

We’ve got the scoop on each of the filmmakers and their projects below! Continue reading “2016 Fearless Filmmaking Slate Announced!” »

Digital Bolex #1 on 2015 EOSHD Character and Rendering chart

After compiling their year-end rankings of video cameras available in 2015, the folks over at EOSHD have named the Digital Bolex D16 #1 on their Character and Rendering charts for its high-quality footage, particularly in motion, color, and texture:

The motion cadence of the CCD sensor in the Digital Bolex D16 with global shutter is just extraordinary, like none of the CMOS cameras. It really makes handheld footage look so much better than with a long GOP codec. The difference isn’t small. Then there’s the raw workflow, obviously and the very analogue way it captures light. On both the D16 and 5D Mark II (raw) colour has an extraordinary quality to it.
Also there’s the texture of the image, the grain of the ‘film’. I often try and avoid noisy high ISOs on 99% of cameras I actually love the ISO 1600 of the older 5D Mark II. Why? For black and white that film-like noise grain in raw is just damn sexy. It is the only camera I make noisy on purpose! Everything else goes blotchy.
Now you can say noise in this case is a weakness, a smaller Super 16mm sensor is a weakness. Nope. I don’t think in terms of crop factor with Super 16mm, I think in terms of several decades of beautiful lenses. A crop factor for me is a negative when you crop into a lens not designed for the sensor size you’re using. With Super 16mm lenses there’s no crop, you keep the overall rendering – and on some of these vintage lenses it knocks the socks off many of the newer more clinical high spec full frame lenses*

Slamdance Fearless Filmmaking: Deadline Extended to 12/25!


For the second year, Digital Bolex is partnering with the Slamdance Film Festival to celebrate fearless filmmaking, and ten filmmakers from the Digital Bolex and Slamdance communities will be selected to have their film premiere at the 2016 Slamdance Film Festival!

As a Christmas treat, we’re extending the deadline for this year from 12/13 to 12/25!

We’re looking for shorts about artists, rebels, creation, rising above obstacles, and breaking boundaries. Films must be complete works (no test footage), but can be in any genre.

Last year’s showcase winner, Coming To, went on to play at nearly two dozen festivals.

Submission requirements:

  • Films must be shot entirely on the Digital Bolex D16 or D16M cameras.
  • Films must be no longer than 8 minutes long. The shorter the better.
  • Films must be submitted via password-protected Vimeo link.
  • Films must not have premiered or have been made available publicly prior to Feb 1, 2016. (This includes Vimeo/YouTube)
  • Films must be complete, contained pieces.
  • You must provide 5 print-resolution behind the scenes/promotional stills.
  • You must provide 5 high-resolution stills from the film itself.
  • You must have all proper clearances (performers, music).
  • Films must not be excerpts of longer works.

Submit by 12/25 and get your shot at a festival premiere!

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Sun Cinematography

charlene Digital Bolex is proud to come on board as a sponsor for the 2016 Sun Cinematography Award. Given to a currently enrolled student or alumna of USC, the prize was formed in memory of DP Charlene W. Sun (1974-2009). Digital Bolex is thrilled to support educational initiatives to bring diverse voices to the field of cinematography, and are excited to be partnering with an organization that is so well-respected within a University renowned for its film program.

Charlene Sun and Nicola Marsh filming a PSA for the Los Angeles Youth Network, 2008

Charlene Sun and Nicola Marsh filming a PSA for the Los Angeles Youth Network, 2008

Women’s voices need to be more prevalent in all areas of film/television storytelling: not just on screen or as writers, directors and producers, but also in the other arts, where the nuance brought by the individual framing the shot, lighting the scene, or crafting the sound, can have a huge impact on the meaning of the moment. The Sun Cinematography Award provides talented female students at the USC School of Cinematic Arts with the opportunity to improve their projects and enjoy mentorships that will give them a boost towards becoming successful cinematographers able to shape the future of media.

Established in 2009, the Sun Cinematography Award has supported four women, and has now opened applications for its fifth round. Recipients have used the award to experiment with light and color, enhance their reels, and complete personal projects. Recipients have also taken advantage of the mentorship program, and one awardee was able to turn her mentorship into a paying internship on a very popular award winning prime-time series.

The support of camera/film technology companies, such as Digital Bolex, for women cinematographers is invaluable. In addition to providing women with opportunities to learn technology they may not otherwise be able to access and significantly improve their work due to the quality of equipment available, this support gives women access to relationships. The film and television industry are built on relationships: who one knows, and how one has conducted herself while getting to know those people, are a significant part of how one is able to move ahead. The support of these companies is a great way for these women to begin building strong relationships that will last throughout their careers.

Rain Breaw Michaels, filmmaker, co-founder, Sun Cinematography Award

Knowing Charlene Sun and her spirit of working against the odds made me feel like I wanted to be a part of this effort and bring flame to other women’s dreams and aspirations to be behind the camera. Stacking the mentorship with in kind sponsors who enlarge the scale of what these awardees work with, is integral to the experience we want to impart and hopefully a bridge we want to help create towards making them working professionals.

Iram Parveen Bilal, filmmaker, co-founder, Sun Cinematography Award

How To Apply

Deadline: Monday, December 7, 2105

The Sun Cinematography Award will be given for excellence in cinematography to a female student enrolled in the University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts and acting as the director of photography on an advanced project*.

For the Winter/Spring 2016 recipient, the award will include:

  • $500 towards the Cinematography Budget on the Advanced Project for which the recipient is the DP
  • A semester-long mentorship with a working Cinematographer
  • A camera and/or lens package from Digital Bolex, if applicable**
  • A one year, non-voting, student membership to Women In Film.
  • A one year membership to the Friends of the ASC as well as an invitation to the ASC awards, if applicable**
  • Assistance from Kodak, if applicable**


  • The student must be female
  • The student must be currently enrolled in the USC School of Cinematic Arts graduate or undergraduate production program
  • The student must be the Cinematographer for an advanced USC project, to which this award will be attributed*

To apply, visit The submission deadline is  Monday, December 7, 2015.

Digital Bolex x Veydra

Veydras-smWe’re happy to announce that the Veydra mini primes are now available to order in our online store in both their C-mount and MFT variations! The perfect companion for the D16, the Veydra mini primes feature constant volume focus, 0.8 cinema pitch gears on the iris/focus rings, constant T-Stop, and common front diameter for quick lens changes in a production environment.

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Visit Digital Bolex at ProFusion 2015

Are you a Canadian filmmaker looking to try the D16? Want to get your hands on a camera in the Toronto area? Digital Bolex will be making our Canadian expo debut at ProFusion 2015 on November 11th and 12th.

Tickets are free, so register today to check out the camera and footage at booth #2011!


ProFusion is about bringing together the latest technology and the brightest minds in the industry.

The primary mission of ProFusion is to showcase and celebrate the pro imaging industry in Canada. To that end, over two days, our focus is to celebrate Canada’s burgeoning pro imaging market by bringing together the latest technology and the brightest minds in the industry.

If it’s new and exciting and you haven’t seen it yet, chances are you’ll get to see it launched at ProFusion. Over the years we’ve showcased many ‘first time in Canada’ product launches, including the most talked-about cameras, lighting, software and more. And it’s not just about seeing new gear, it’s experiencing it in an intimate, interactive environment, unlike any other tradeshow.