Press and Media


D16 and Digital Bolex logos may be used in black or white variants only, only on solid color, non-gradient backgrounds, at least 1/8 inch from any border or adjacent element. Shot on Bolex logo may be used on end credits and posters either on a standalone line or evenly spaced with adjacent, similar-sized elements.

In the Media

Digital Bolex has been covered and reviewed in more than 50 international news outlets. For all media inquiries, contact us.

”The new Bolex camera, dubbed the D16, doesn’t just sport a retro look […] every uncompressed frame should be sharp, as opposed to the compressed footage even full-frame DSLRs produce.”


” There is […] something attractive about working with a fully manual camera that lets you do exactly what you want to the image. Whether it is for nostalgic purposes or simply to take advantage of the advanced codec and pure image quality, the D16 and D16M Cinema Cameras will be attractive to cinematographers that are looking for something different than the usual suspects.”


“For my money, this footage is the closest thing to film that I have ever seen come from a digital camera, and that’s no small accomplishment.” “It’s impossible to deny how impressively the D16 handles itself at night with only available light. The noise in the dark portions of the images is barely noticeable in most cases, even after being brought up by several stops in post.”


“The all-in-one package will be hugely appealing to indies and run-and-gun types, though–anyone who has fussed around with unwieldy DSLR rigs will understand why!”

”The promise of the D16 is that of a romantic revolution. A return to some of the ways of the past– the Bolex body, smaller “film loads” that lead to greater discipline– alongside with a broadening of access to high end equipment.”

Turnstyle News

“When I first heard about the release of the Bolex’s first digital camera, it literally sounded like the opening of a Fairytale.”

RedShark News

“If anyone was still skeptical about the power of Kickstarter, they should pay attention. We’d lined up the Digital Bolex for a forthcoming episode of Insert Coin, but the project managed to surpass its $100,000 funding goal within 24 hours of going online.”


“Thought you had to save up thousands of dollars for a video-enabled SLR to make movies? Think again.”


“It’s a camera that’s taken a unique approach to image reproduction and how it prioritizes specific aspects, straying from the current trend of pushing resolution as a main focus.”