Shot On Bolex

Selling a camera is only the beginning of our relationships with our Digital Bolex customers—we are committed to providing screening, learning, and shooting opportunities for those choosing to use our tools, and leveraging the power of our community to give independent filmmakers a voice and an audience for their work.

Our partnership with Slamdance for the 2015 festival represented the first step in this process; partnering with an Academy-qualifying festival that champions true independent filmmakers and gave our filmmakers the chance to show their work on the big screen. Many of our Slamdance premiering films have gone on to play film festivals internationally. Our women cinematographers grant, presented by Hive Lighting with support from Zacuto, Hot Rod Cameras, and Switronix, has already resulted in more than five projects being completed since its debut in March, and gives access to equipment to those with few resources to tell their stories.

These partnerships have been amazing, and we’re ready to up the game. We want our users to know that when they commit to Digital Bolex, they are joining a community of like-minded filmmakers who are eager to develop a sustainable middle-class of filmmaker, and that we as a company are committed to seeing our users realize their creative visions. As a company by filmmakers for filmmakers, helping our users reach the critical milestone of distribution is a natural progression of our goals.

As of June 2015, Digital Bolex is happy to announce that we will be the first camera manufacturer to provide a pathway to theatrical and VOD distribution to filmmakers shooting projects with the cameras. The Shot on Bolex logo in your film’s credits is now your key to discounts, partnerships, and a community ready to make your project the best it can be.