Coloring with Adobe Camera Raw and AF

Introducing the New Camera Forums Post on the D16 Adobe Creative Suite Coloring with Adobe Camera Raw and AF

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    Hello All

    First of all, I need to say thank you for the awesome tutorial on editing in Adobe products using Camera Raw settings and Adobe After Effects after making the cut the way intended.

    I have an update that would be super helpful for future colorists when working with that workflow. After using the Replace Footage to link the .dng footage instead of the single frame that is brought in, my footage was not set to the correct time of the edit in Premier. This caused me hours of frustration and searching for the fix was not simple.

    ​The Fix, however, was incredibly easy. After replacing the footage, you must then right click on the footage and go to Interpret Footage > Main. Make sure the setting matches the framerate for the D16. Ours was 23.976. and then click Interpret Footage > Remember Interpretation. Then all other clips that are brought in must be set to this Interpretation. Command on a Windows machine is CTRL + ALT + V. So, it’s easy to select all footage brought into the project, hit the above command and then make sure to Reload Footage. It should all match exactly to your Premier edit.


    Hope this helps someone who got as stuck as me!

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