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Hey guys, thank you so much for your support! We can’t believe we’re over $250,000 on Kickstarter.

Just wanted to post quickly about the Vimeo issue: We didn’t realize that Vimeo was not allowing viewers to see the full HD video. We just upgraded to a pro account, so we will be re-uploading those videos as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience.

Elle and Joe

EDIT: “Storybook” and the One Small Step Trailer have been reuploaded in 1080, and should be viewable in fullscreen now! The other vids will be coming shortly.


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  1. I am in love with your concept. makes me wanna cry actually. 😛 This product is a god send to us filmmakers. I love the simplicity of this camera.

    I have read all the specks on the camera and these are the problems I have with it on a profesional and practical level.

    First problem I see is the design. I would like to see it look like a brick more then some fancy stylized design. so it can fit in and on just about any rig. I would love to see this camera more compartmentalized. that is so you can just replace parts on the camera and technology changes rather then just buying a whole new camera. I would like to see a flip open 3-4 inch swivel screen on the left hand side. and a feature the just does a one button digital zoom so I can focus better. I would like to see all the cables come out on the back like the xlr hdmi what have you and a place you can add on the back an anton bauer battery pack for power supply. I would like to see a screw mount both on the top and bottom of the camera in many places like a cheese plate on the top and bottom. so we can add any accessory we need or want. on the right hand side I would like to see a led or all the manual camera controles like frame rate, iso, kalven, and so on so we have quick access to it on the fly.

    as for lens mounts I would love to see the option to go with a canon or nikon lens mounts or sell us a fixed prime and zoom kit but honestly I would rather see lens mounts that are more common placed. like canon and nikon so those of us who already have canon and nikon lenses can just make the switch quickly and easily. as for recording cards I would like to see both CF cards and sd cards. I think doing the design this way is much cheaper and more efficient. I have plans to buy the camera but I don’t have enough just to pump money in the kick starter program. I would actually be willing to sell most my gear just to get this camera that is how much I would love to have this camera. as for the video I hate black and white viewing monitors. I’d rather have color monitors and have a output signal that is the same as the camera is recording so we can record on external devices. the other thing I would like to see is 500 and 800 iso.

    thats all I have. I love the concept and I really hope to see this product soon 🙂

    robert 🙂

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  3. Switar-Kern bayonette mount and C-Mount options would make the most sense.
    There are lots of schools sitting on lots of H-16s and EBMs, that would convert to this camera if that option was a reality. Hope to see you at NAB!

  4. Interesting concept! However there is a long way from concept to the edited material…
    I own two bolexes and i was wondering why nobody work on digitise-ing the bolex. Finaly somebody did. The strenghtnes of this is concept is ONLY ONE: THE BOLEX AND KERN OPTICS available! Everything else is not strictly related to Bolex.
    The conclusion : the concept MUST deal with the two type mount: C-mount and Bolex bayonet mount.
    If not, the name digital bolex is just marketing (like the whole red concept).
    Good luck!

  5. Despite getting burned by other “upstart camera companies” before I see myself definitely investing in a Digital Bolex. You seem to have taken a good look at the absolute essentials (high image quality, room for grading, on-board audio, basic monitoring) and mated them to a simple form factor. In my opinion, as long as there are good workflow options, everything else is well… an option.

    My only request is that you make the camera you envision. It’s very important to get the input of working professionals and of course the up and coming independents, particularly since the latter are likely to be the biggest part of the target market.

    I just hope the wave of “make this feature available because I want it” doesn’t become too overwhelming. This is a dream camera to a lot of people as designed right now. But it isn’t a custom built camera. And remember “feature creep” killed the dream for many of us last November.

    Bravo for doing what the big camera companies simply wouldn’t.

  6. What about HD monitoring options? For 2K focusing, I would want more than a 320×240 viewfinder (even if it has a focus assist) or 640×480 B&W output. I saw there was an HD-SDI module listed (which I commend you for planning to make available, HD-SDI is my preferred output), but I heard that it will double the price of the camera (not that it still will not be a great deal), but are their going to be any other HD options, even if not clean for recording, just for monitoring and focus? Also, is the HD-SDI going to be a clean 10-bit 422 signal, and will we be able to set things like WB, gamma, and whatnot (like on the RED) to be burned into the footage on the SDI out, or will it just be passing through the raw sensor image? While 2K raw is great, for smaller projects, it would be nice to throw a recorder on it and record it into whatever needed codec.

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  8. Looking forward eagerly to this camera.! I have a substantial 16mm lens collection I can’t wait to put to use.
    Love it if you guys would post a few 2k DNG still frames for people to play with and get a feel for the work flow.

  9. very interesting, just 2 remarks:

    1. the XLR and other plugs on the operators side are absolutey to avoid, they will be a big problem in everyday use. Switch sides and yust forget abouth the “hand crank“ its a nice idea, but useless.

    2. Why not use a Bolex Bajonet mount instead of the c-mount? it’s a “Bolex“ right? The bolex Bajonet mount is very rughed and would allow to adopt nearly every other lensmount to the camera included a c-mount (a bit like the IMS-mount)

    tec specs are nearly identical with ikonoskop a-cam dii only the ikonoskops design is mutch better (it’s a matter of personal taste ovviously)

    • Hi Daniel,

      1. In the original design the plugs were on the other side, but when the idea to try and use the trademark Bolex crank as a built in follow focus, among other things came across my desk from fellow DP Mark Schumacher, we switched the sides so that the more articulate hand, the right hand for most people, could operate the follow focus.

      Do you think this is a mistake? Would you rather operate the follow focus with the left hand, or not have one at all?

      2. To me it seemed like if we were going to offer the Bolex Bayonet mount standard on the camera, most people would use the bayonet to C-mount adapter most of the time, and since that mount would cost much more to create I thought C-mount would be much better, but I am open to suggestion.

      There is a forum now for discussing things like this, and I would appreciate your participation. Look under the heading called “Building the Bolex”.

      And as far as the relation to ikonoskop, we both chose to work with Kodak sensors probably because they make the best sensors for this kind of project, but in my opinion the similarity stops there. They are making an eye level camera that while offering an open RAW recording format still has many proprietary elements and is still targeted at the professional market. We are making a camera meant for “human tripod” stance, trying to avoid any proprietary elements, and targeting an independent filmmaker and student market. And yes, taste has much to do with it too 😉

      • I too would say get rid of the hand crank FF and move everything to the other side. Also, I would like to see a bolex bayonet mount offered, it would be nice to use the old bolex glass. If anything, offer the most secure mount available with the shortest flange distance and offer secure locking adaptors for every other lens type, that would make this totally a winner. Also, I would love to see a nikon F-mount adaptor (with iris control) offered as well. I have a huge set of Nikkors kicking about, and would love to be able to use them as well as 16mm lenses.

        • Hey guys,
          A great start but I’ve been a cinematographer for 20+ years, ran the Chicago Panavison/Arri rental house here.
          I begged Sony and others to make a camera like this BUT not luck
          I’d suggest some things:
          no built in follow focus- pros pull focus from the left side of camera (viewing towards front), and if you really need it, you can add a follow focus. Since your chip is super 16 not full frame, your DOF is much more easily controlled even without a built oin follow focus. I pulled focus myself for years on Sup16 gear without follow focus..

          Put the XLRs on camera right remove follow focus there.
          This is a perfect doc camera.

          What were your outputs for external video? HDSDI a possibility?

          Since this is mirrorless, would you think a C mount to Arri bayonet or PL or Canon will be an offer?
          Most of your C mount Bolex or Arri 16mm lenses will not cover Super 16.

          I do a lot of doc work flying and can’t use bigger cameras as I used to, 7D is cumbersome in ergonomics and shuts off too quickly and separate sound sucks…Sony NEX 20 is better but has a lot of oddities too.
          Nothing has fit my bill yet.
          I’d be glad to talk to you more if you want to email me back.
          All the Best,

  10. nice project…go on and please use a open software…inside and outside.
    the design from the old nizo super8 from dieter rams is better (in my view)…or more a’pl like..”more simple design is better design”. but u guys know that 🙂 greetz from jena, germany

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