NAB 2016: 2TB Camera Announced

Starting May 1st, Digital Bolex will open orders for a new 2TB camera. Shooting approximately 6 hours in 2K and 8 hours in 1080p on one SSD, the 2TB D16 is perfect for long-form performances, weddings, and documentary work in remote or outdoor locations.

The introduction of the 1TB camera in 2015 allowed our users to shoot a typical full day on a narrative film set without interruption or needing to change media, the 2TB will do the same for users working in events and documentary production.

The following prices will apply for each model:

C-Mount D16 2TB: $4,599.99
C-Mount D16M 2TB: $4,899.99
MFT-Mount D16 2TB: $4,899.99
PL-Mount D16: $5,419.99

Existing users will be able to upgrade cameras. Prices for upgrades coming soon.

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