#SXSW Show Special—Bundle Available Through 3/31!

We’re excited to announce a #SXSW show special running today through 3/31!

For the next two weeks, to celebrate our 4th anniversary, we’re bundling our 1TB camera with a satchel bag, monitor hood, rubber skin, and 18mm Kish lens, all for $4399.99—a $350 savings!


This offer is also available at any of our North American retail partners.

6 thoughts on “#SXSW Show Special—Bundle Available Through 3/31!

  1. Hi — just tried again, and no human. It might be wise to delete your response to my message above since it misleads the reader into thinking that 1) I had never tried to call initially as a first option, and 2) that it is possible to reach a human at the L.A. phone number provided on your web site, or 3) that if there is no human and a person does leave a message, that that message would be returned within 24 hours as falsely promised.

    • Not only is it possible to reach a human at the LA phone number, but calls are forwarded when staff is not in office, so I’m not sure what your issue has been. Please feel free to call during business hours.

  2. Thanks, Elle, but I had tried that number before resorting to this internet form and sending you the private message on Facebook. I have called three times already, but I will try yet again, as per your message above.

  3. Hi there! I just discovered your products and LOVE them. But I need to talk to a human, and there’s none to be found. Who can I talk to to help me create the right camera package for my needs?

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